The Debate: Did Perry Step On Immigration Landmine?
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A friend just called to report that Bill Bennett’s Morning in America radio show had a torrent of calls denouncing Rick Perry’s performance on immigration in last night’s debate. Callers said they had not realized how liberal Perry is on the subject, and were particularly irritated that he alone would not support building an effective border fence. Only two callers defended Perry.

 One man apparently warned that the MSM was trying “trying to foist Perry on us, just like they did McCain”. He pointed to favorable camera treatment of Perry, while the other speakers generally got portrayed in split screens.

My friend, who for life style reasons listens to a great deal of talk radio, predicts the other “Conservative” talk show hosts will avoid the subject and block calls on it. He does not agree with Ronald Mortensen over at CIS who last week blogged Limbaugh Mistakenly Warns GOP: Don't Be 'Distracted' by Illegal Immigration.

In his opinion this is anything but a mistake. He detects sinister influences. I agree and hope to write on it at length shortly.

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