Is Importing Muslims Wise? Look At Sweden!
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H/T photo Creeping Sharia

With President Obama’s determination to use the Syrian refugee weapon to transform America becoming more blatant as the GOP Leadership obeys its paymasters and retreats from taking any action on the influx, it is timely to consider the experience of other countries where Muslimization is more advanced.

An excellent source of information on this is the blog Creeping Sharia and a good country to inspect is Sweden. One Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in Sweden: October 2015 was posted today. Here are some items:

October 7: TV4’s popular investigative journalism TV program, Cold Facts (Kalla Fakta), revealed that public health centers in areas with high immigrant populations perform so-called “virginity tests” on young girls.... The doctors (several of whom were immigrants) ignored the loud protests from the girls, and examined them against their will. The doctors also offered, for a cash bribe, to issue “virginity certificates” for the girls.

October 13: Three men were arrested as suspects in an August 24 hand grenade attack against police in the Stockholm suburb of Tumba. The hand grenade exploded a few feet from a police van, and the vehicle was riddled with over a hundred pieces of shrapnel…The police also suspect there is a close connection between the Tumba attack and the armed robbery of a supermarket in Stockholm on October 12. A few days later, one of the three suspects, an 18-year-old man, was remanded on suspicion of armed robbery, aggravated larceny and attempted murder.

October 13: Swedish public radio revealed that the Migration Courts, established in 2006 to give greater legal recourse to asylum seekers, are completely swamped. The problem is that more and more rejected applicants now appeal their decisions to the Migration Courts

October 13: It was reported that Swedish schools are now overcrowded, as many schools struggle to cope with the enormous influx of migrants. Minister of Education Gustav Fridolin discovered that many of the migrants arriving do not have any formal education at all, and he wants to open Swedish elementary schools to adult immigrant men, placing them in the same classes as 8-year-olds.

October 15: The Södersjukhuset Hospital in Stockholm opened what is believed to be the world’s first rape clinic for men. More and more men are being subjected to homosexual rape in multicultural Sweden.

(See John Derbyshire’s Sweden’s Gender-Inclusive Muslim Rapists)
October 16: Lennart Holmlund, a Social Democratic former municipal councilor of Umeå, complained on Facebook about the Roma people, and is now under suspicion of having violated hate-speech laws…The councilman argued that one should be able to talk about everything, so long as it is true. However, two days later, he was forced to apologize and stress that he is not a racist.

October 16: Internal police documents were revealed that show 70% of people who have their asylum application rejected ignore the decision and stay illegally in Sweden. Of the 9,000 deportation cases sent to the police by the Immigration Service this year, 70% had vanished from their registered addresses, and had left the police completely nonplussed…

October 17: The Swedish strategy seems to be to keep the borders open and then redistribute the asylum seekers to EU countries that have an immigration policy completely different from Sweden’s open borders and generous welfare benefits. Whether other EU countries want to relieve Sweden’s burden remains to be seen. Denmark has already declined, saying that Sweden (which has time and again accused Denmark of being racist) needs to clean up its own mess.

October 21: It was reported that the psychiatric evaluation of the IKEA killer Abraham Ukbagabir showed that he had deliberately and consciously chosen his victims — Carola and Emil Herlin — because they “looked Swedish.”

(See James Kirkpatrick’s African “Asylum Seekers” Arrested For Stabbing In Ikea In Sweden)
October 21: It was reported that the Swedish police are being called out to asylum houses more and more often because of brawls, threats and fights between asylum seekers — on this day, at the facilities in Tomelilla, Söderhamn and Sundsvall.

October 21: The weekly paper Lokaltidningen revealed that weapons smugglers have figured out a way to drive through customs without being pulled over. The customs officers have orders never to stop cars with more passengers than there are customs officers present. “Of course, the criminals have learned this,” said retired District Attorney Sven-Erik Alhem. “They place five large, sturdy men in a Mercedes or BMW and blow right through customs. Minutes later, we have additional illegal weapons in Malmö…"

October 22: Mark Saliba, the elder of two brothers in their twenties suspected of a triple murder in Uddevalla on March 7, was sentenced to life in prison. His younger brother was acquitted…The Saliba brothers, of Lebanese/Syrian descent, have several previous convictions.

October 23: Akram Ali, Yone?s Hachimi and Mohamed Mesawe were indicted for brutally gang raping a Swedish girl in the Fåfängan park area in Stockholm. The three young men, who claim to be teenagers but refuse to disclose what country they are from... The men were believed to be under 18, and were therefore sentenced to juvenile detention. In six to nine months, they will be cruising Stockholm by night again.

October 26: Once again, a group of asylum seekers refused to move into their new lodgings. This time, it was a group of about 30 who thought the asylum housing in Lima was not “urban” enough. They said they were afraid of “wild animals in the forest.”

October 26: Malmö police were powerless to stop a criminal gang who had taken over a residential building…The house in question is on Rasmusgatan Street, which is so crime-infested that even the police seem to have given up on it. Erik Åberg, the police commander in the area, told the website KIT that there is a limit to the amount of time the police can invest in a single address: “Even if we arrest them, they are back on the street again in the near future.”

October 27: Member of Parliament Kent Ekeroth (Sweden Democrats) filed a complaint...According to Ekeroth, the Immigration Service has ignored Swedish law concerning the age assessment of so-called unaccompanied refugee children, who in many cases are actually “men aged 18-40.” Even though a law concerning age testing has always been in place, the Immigration Service did not implement assessments until this fall, only now forcing the “children” to prove their age.

October 27: The Red Cross announced its new “helpline against extremism.” ...The service is a pilot project that will continue until June 2016, after which the government will decide whether or not to make it permanent. The brains behind the support line is Mona Sahlin, the government’s National Coordinator Against Violent Extremism

(Among the stories I omitted is a murder by a Congolese and a rape by a Nicaraguan.)

Over the years has written a great deal about Sweden. As I remarked in The Irish Savant On The Ruin Of Sweden

This is entirely the fault of Sweden’s crazed totalitarian leftist elite, as discussed for us by Jared Taylor in Can It Happen Here? Sweden's “Hate Speech” Laws Hateful—And Unequally Enforced
And yes it IS happening here.

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