The Irish Savant On The Ruin Of Sweden
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To blame: Sweden's Leftwing Elite


Further to John Derbyshire’s Bad News From Sweden post, one of my favorite blogs which I last mentioned in The Irish Savant Asks Key Romney Question. Patrick Cleburne Proposes Answer is an expert on Sweden, apparently being a frequent visitor. The IS archive has no less than 43 items on Sweden, all horrifying. (Silly Blogger censorship effort may be safely ignored.)

 A particularly salient one is Sweden's Grand Guignol horror show


There was a time when Sweden was the best at everything. Certainly it had the world’s best educated students. But no longer. In fact over the last decade its status has plummeted to 19th of 65 countries. In a truly shocking indicator of the decline, one report stated that "one in five students now does not have a basic level in reading”. Yes, this is Sweden we’re talking about…

Buried at the end of one report I see a comment, in tiny print, which provides a clue.

“For students with foreign backgrounds born in Sweden, 30 percent failed to meet basic reading levels. In terms of students of foreign origin who were born abroad, the figure was 48 percent…

I mean, who could have guessed that flooding the country with waves of violent, illiterate, dehumanised, interbred one dimensional simpletons wasn’t a winning educational strategy?


Ah, Irish Savant's way with words—a great national asset, the Blarney Stone!

This is entirely the fault of Sweden’s crazed totalitarian leftist elite, as discussed years ago for us by Jared Taylor in Can It Happen Here? Sweden's "Hate Speech" Laws Hateful—And Unequally Enforced

Coming soon to a country near you.

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