If Retarded Immigrants Can Get Away With Murder, Maybe Try Encouraging Immigration From Less Retarded Countries
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Earlier (2002) by Sam Francis: Are Supreme Court Justices Mentally Retarded?

Two Hispanic immigrants, one from El Salvador, one from Mexico have been declared immune to the death penalty by Texas Court of Criminal Appeals because they are considered "intellectually disabled," the latest euphemism for retarded, which was a euphemism for "mentally defective" which replaced...never mind, the point is that no matter how often you change the name, it's never going to be really popular.

Gilmar Guevara, the  immigrant from El Salvador, killed two other immigrants, one from Guatemala and one from South Korea, because that's who you find staffing a Houston convenience store.

Juan Lizcano, from Mexico, killed a white  American police officer named Brian Jackson, right. Brenda Walker mentioned this murder here—along with a lot of others—in 2007, writing about:

Dallas officer Brian Jackson, murdered during a domestic disturbance call. The killer was illegal Mexican Juan Lizcano, who had been previously arrested twice but allowed to remain in the country.

The AP, explaining how stupid Lizcano is supposed to be, says

Testimony at his trial showed that Lizcano had the communication skills of a 8- to 10-year-old and was about 16 when he left school [in Mexico] in the 6th grade still unable to read....

Texas looks at three main points to define intellectual disability: IQ scores, with 70 generally considered a threshold; an inmate’s ability to interact with others and care for himself or herself; and whether evidence of deficiencies in either of those areas occurred before age 18.

In 2004, the Texas appeals court created additional factors, including whether an individual’s conduct showed leadership and whether a person could “hide facts or lie effectively.”

Most of these allegedly retarded inmates aren't retarded at all, just dumb.

Lizcano's sense of self-preservation is illustrated by the fact that after murdering Officer Jackson he "ran out of bullets and tossed the gun to the ground, gave up, and was taken into custody."

A genuinely retarded person would not have done that, or the rest of Lizcano's career, illegally immigrating, illegally working, and illegally murdering:

Drunk and angry, Lizcano had been out all night, as he was most every weekend, pounding beers at a dance club with his friends. Convinced that his ex-girlfriend, Marta Cruz, was sleeping with other men, Lizcano, a yard man, made angry cell phone calls to her before showing up at her house in the Knox-Henderson area. It was 2 a.m. He had a gun. She let him inside, where he fired a shot into the ceiling before pointing the gun at her. "Next time," he told Cruz, "it will be you."

Terrified for her life, Cruz called the police as Lizcano sped away in his truck. Forty-five minutes later, the police were still near Cruz's house when Lizcano returned, still drunk, still armed. When he saw the cops, he sprinted down an alley behind the house, firing shots at police in pursuit. Slipping through a side yard in the darkness, Lizcano rounded a corner to find Officer Jackson with his gun drawn. Lizcano then pulled the trigger. The bullet bypassed the officer's outstretched right hand, flew through the armhole of his bulletproof vest and hit him in the heart. A million-to-one shot, it fatally wounded him.

There are whole countries where average IQ is less than 70.  In Mexico the average IQ is 86, in El Salvador it's 84. (There were no official figures for El Salvador so Lynn and Vanhanen averaged the calculations for neighboring countries.)

Many Mexicans are illiterate and 35% of all foreign-born Latinos have no more than a sixth-grade education, according to the Economist in 2002. 

That doesn't mean they should be allowed to get away with murder. But if it does, according to the US Supreme Court and the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, then the government needs to stop immigration from low-IQ high-crime countries.


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