ICE, FBI Not Only Deep State Resistance, But Also Corrupt, Due To Hiring Foreigners
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There is a reason that ICE SVU and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) don’t polygraph new hires and during renewal of security clearances; both organizations don’t want to uncover corruption and sabotage.  Four long years ago I warned President Trump that both ICE SVU and USCIS would be deeply opposed to his immigration agenda and sabotage that same agenda, at least the campaign agenda, not the Jared Kushner agenda that has since evolved  [President Trump Will Have Foes In Immigration Bureaucracy—But Also Friends. They Can Help Him Win, April 25, 2016].  The other major enforcement component at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), U. S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), routinely polygraphs new applicants and employees under investigation for corruption and misconduct.  Consequently, Border Patrol and the Office of Field Operations in CBP are more hard-line than ICE SVU and USCIS.

Then I did not warn of corruption being at the heart of the resistance, and for that I apologize.  Corruption, especially at USCIS, is rampant, not only the pecuniary kind, i.e., payment by aliens for benefits, but also ideological corruption.  ICE SVU doesn’t want to enforce the law and USCIS wants to approve every benefit that aliens apply for without regard to eligibility, especially the Refugee and Asylum Officer cadre.

But a pro-illegal alien ideology can be quite profitable for ICE SVU saboteurs and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents as well, and, surprise, it’s part of a Brown Run Border.

A Los Angeles-area lawyer bribed FBI and immigration agents to provide “protection” for him, with one scouring law enforcement databases to warn him of ongoing investigations, while the other cooked the books to help a client and a relative with immigration matters, according to a plea agreement filed in federal court this week.

The charges against Edgar Sargsyan, 39, are part of a broader series of cases against the agents and a reputed organized crime figure who was convicted last month on charges stemming from a $1 billion renewable fuel tax credit fraud.

Mr. Sargsyan admitted in court documents that he paid an FBI agent up to $10,000 to keep an eye on federal databases and alert him if certain people were under investigation. He also admitted to paying the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Homeland Security Investigations agent to try to smooth two immigration-related matters.

[ICE, FBI Agents Took Bribes To Provide ‘Protection,’ Cook Books On Immigration Cases, Feds Say, by Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, April 29, 2020]


Iranian Babak Broumand, Would J. Edgar Hoover Have Hired This Guy

So, it looks like we have an Armenian Money Train going here mixed with the usual Hispanic corruption.

The agents aren’t named in the plea agreement, but authorities last week charged former FBI Agent Babak Broumand with conspiracy to commit bribery, accusing him of accepting cash and gifts from a Los Angeles-area lawyer.

Mr. Broumand also is accused of obstructing an investigation into one-time HSI Agent Felix Cisneros Jr. Cisneros was convicted of a number of charges in 2018, including helping a Mexican criminal enter the U.S.

It was quite a tangled web that was woven with the immigrant-based Armenian Money Train.

At the center of the activity was Levon Termendzhyan, whom prosecutors called “an Armenian organized crime figure.” He was convicted in Utah in March for the renewable fuel tax credit fraud scheme.

Mr. Sargsyan says the HSI agent was paid at least $77,000 to scour databases in order to help the lawyer’s associates.

In one case, a German client wanted to enter the U.S. but had a past drug conviction. According to the plea agreement, the HSI agent ran the name through the Department of Homeland Security’s chief law enforcement database, spotted the drug flag and removed the alert, easing the German’s ability to get into the U.S.

Broumand is of Iranian origin, likely an immigrant rather than first generation American given his first name, and Cisneros likely a first generation American, given the Jr. appellation, and of obviously Hispanic origin, working with obviously Armenian immigrants.  While one of the beneficiaries was identified as a German, we don’t know if he was a New German, rather than a real German.  But the whole case revolves around corrupt immigrants and their immediate descendants corrupting the Federal government.  Time to end the Brown Run Border.  Stop hiring immigrants and their immediate descendants for Federal and local law enforcement.

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