How #MeToo Led to QAnon
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A friend writes:

QAnon is partially the fallout of #MeToo

#MeToo was allowed to happen, in large part to take down Trump and get the old guard taken out so the younger generations could move on up the ladder.

This is the key: The media, and Hollywood in particular, would for the first time *not circle the wagons* in defending all the obscene and piggish behavior of the most powerful of the powerful celebrity men. They were honest about The Way Things Really Worked. The media even promoted the idea that there was a conspiracy among the powerful to create this unjust system and sexually exploit people.

This redpilled millions of normal Americans that Hollywood and the media elite were not as People Magazine had always portrayed them to be. Destroyed the naivety about showbiz and media in a profound sense that went beyond a Middle-American in 1992 thinking Robert Altman’s “The Player” was a ‘brutal’ Hollywood satire.

Your favorite 80s sitcom dad? Serial rapist, and apparently it was an inside joke for decades. Movie starlets? They either had sex with Harvey Weinstein or were almost forced to have sex with him.

The media and Hollywood broke kayfabe and allowed an unprecedented purging and struggle session among themselves to happen, and the result is normies have a hard time going back to the People Magazine cleaned up version of Hollywood.

QAnon is partially the result of the media breaking their code of silence not to eat each other alive, or at least not do it in the open.

Is QAnon right about a lot of theories about pedophilia and sex trafficking cabals? I don’t think so. Is the QAnon worldview a lot closer to reality than whatever Gen X housewives believed about Hollywood in 2010? For sure.

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