SLATE's Nice Lady Film Critic Shocked, Shocked (Literally) to Discover That Those Nice Liberal Movies Produced by That Nice Hillary Donor ...
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Slate’s film critic realizes her entire worldview was a fraud:

The Harvey Weinstein Scandal Is Changing How I Look at the Movies

Just as the election challenged my perception of America, the past week has transformed my whole understanding of Hollywood.

By Dana Stevens

OCT. 13, 2017, 1:50 PM

For the past week I’ve been pacing my apartment in a hypomanic state, pretending to get work done while following—probably more closely than anyone who aspires to sanity should—the Harvey Weinstein scandal, with its ever-steepening crescendo of allegations that the fabled indie producer carried on a 30-year side career as a deliberate and ruthless sexual predator. …

Experientially, for me at least, and I believe for many women, this week has felt more than anything like a show business–themed reboot of the horrible seven days that followed the election of Donald Trump, almost a year ago now. There’s that same sense of reality shifting to reveal a hidden and perverse order, one that was there all along—we sensed it obliquely, even made jokes about it—but that had never before been put on such blatant, obscene display. …

That’s what makes this serial-abuser story different from that of, say, Bill Cosby: Harvey Weinstein wasn’t just a highly successful individual but the creator and maintainer of a whole production line of success, known for his bullheaded but unstoppable Oscar campaigns, often for films starring and marketed to women (Chocolat, Emma, Shakespeare in Love).

The movie industry I’ve known for the past 30 years—and written about for more than a third of that time—is reconstituting itself in my mind this week like pieces of a broken mirror being glued back in place, the cracks now forever visible.

Okaaay …

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