NBC Puts Junior Anti-Sex League in Charge of Office Decorum at 30 Rock
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From the Washington Examiner:

In wake of Matt Lauer’s firing, NBC reportedly cracks down on hugging, asks employees to tell on each other

by Emily Jashinsky | Dec 26, 2017, 6:55 PM

… Now, amid questions surrounding what the network knew about [Matt] Lauer’s conduct and when, NBC has reportedly instituted strict new rules governing workplace behavior. …

The source also informed Page Six that “staffers have been told that if they find out about any affairs, romances, inappropriate relationships or behavior in the office, they have to report it to human resources, their superior or the company anti-harassment phone line.”

In 1984, Winston Smith’s girlfriend Julia is a member of the Junior Anti-Sex League.
To take it to the next level, the source further claimed NBC’s new rules stipulate employees wishing to hug one another “have to do a quick hug, then an immediate release, and step away to avoid body contact” and are forbidden from sharing taxis home or, oddly, “taking vegans to steakhouses.”
I really wouldn’t want to have to snitch on office romances, but the anti-hugging jihad is appealing, and while I’m not a vegan, I don’t like steak houses as much as they cost, so this seems like not a bad set of trade-offs.

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