Great Replacement Update / Lampedusa: Literal Camp-of-the-Saints Illegal-Alien Invasion Swamps Italian Isle 
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What Jean Raspail described in Camp of the Saints is happening now to Lampedusa. Literally. While VDARE often describes the Great Replacement invasion of illegal aliens at our southwest border as a Camp-of-the-Saints deluge because of the numbers, the description is a metaphor.

But the besieged Italians who live on Lampedusa face the real thing. Myriad Twitter video posts have reported that a Last Chance Flotilla of 100 boats that carried some 8,000 to 10,000 Africans has landed at the tiny island, which is just 61 miles from Tunisia. Video shows cops trying to contain the seething mass of penniless illiterates.

The population of the island has more than doubled, and now Africans outnumber Italians.

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni was elected to stop this [Migrants in Italy face uncertainty after far-right prime minister’s win, by Riley Farrell, ABC News. October 3, 2022].

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