CBP, Coast Guard Stop Seaborne Illegals, As “Migration” Begins To Resemble Camp Of The Saints
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The Camp-of-The Saints invasion at the southwest border with Mexico, it seems, will soon include seagoing illegal-alien colonists, just as it did in Jean Raspail’s novel. Illegals are building small boats and heading for U.S. shores.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection reports that agents intercepted five smuggling seacraft packed with 32 Cubans [Coordinated Actions Lead to Rescues in South Florida, CBP.gov, May 2, 2022].

  • April 29: 
  • Six Cubans landed on Miami Beach after two weeks at sea on a “homemade vessel.” 
  • Three more Cubans landed at Islamorada, Florida.
  • April 30:
  • 23 Cubans landed in two homemade vessels in the Marquesas Keys, about 20 miles west of Key West.

Meanwhile, 75 miles southeast of Key Largo, the Coast Guard intercepted a “Haitian sailing vessel” packed with 63 people.

Don’t be surprised if Cubans and Haitians start sailing for U.S shores in greater numbers, and on larger, more seaworthy boats.

When that happens, we expect the Brandon Regime to release them. 

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