Giorgia Meloni Betrays Italian Workers Over Legal Immigration
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I have two samples of bad news about immigration, in two separate posts. (The first is linked above.)

My second bit of bad news comes from abroad; in fact, from a broad named Giorgia Meloni (also known to Radio Derb listeners as Giorgia Pippalina). Ms. Meloni is Prime Minister of Italy, having been elected to that office last September on a platform of, among other things, immigration restriction.

Svani ogni speranza! Vanish all hope! This week we learned that Ms. Meloni will raise the number of work visas granted to applicants from outside the EU. Before the COVID pandemic the number was 31,000 a year. The Prime Minister plans to raise it to 165,000 in 2025.

Yes: it’s a fix on legal immigration, like the one House Republicans approved. Ms. Pippalina … sorry: Prime Minister Meloni remains stalwart on illegals, badgering the EU to bribe North African countries to curtail people-smuggling—you know, the way they used to bribe Colonel Gaddafy before NATO punched his ticket.

That’s less impressive than it would be if the lady were Prime Minister of some other country. Italy, like France and Greece, is a pass-through country for illegals, who mostly want to get to those lush welfare states further north: Britain, Germany, Scandinavia.

Still, it’s not nothing. I’m sorry Ms. Meloni had to blot her immigration record with an assault on the wages of working-class Italians. Perhaps she’s been taking lessons from our own Congressional Republicans.


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