Great Replacement Update: Convicted Strangler Gets A Mere 17-19 Years In Prison. He Gave His Victim A Death Sentence. Past Rape Went Unsolved
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The Great Replacement doesn’t just describe the replacement of the Historic American Nation by illegal aliens and legal immigrants who will overwhelm us numerically. It also involves the outright murder of white Americans, such as Sandra Hehir in February 2017.

Prosecutors inked a plea deal with Joe Melendez—aka Jose Segura, aka Jose Alvarado—that dropped the charge in his strangulation killing of the teacher’s aide from first-degree murder to voluntary manslaughter. The sentence: 17-19 years [Killer of Worcester educator Sandra Hehir pleads guilty, sentenced to 17-19 years, by Brad Petrishen, Telegram & Gazette, January 18, 2023]. Note that prosecutors needed almost six years to convict him.

Cops linked Melendez to the murder from DNA either from a beer can or cigarette butt. The newspaper stories are contradictory.

But even worse, federal authorities could have deported him 23 years ago if cops and prosecutors had arrested and convicted him for a rape in which he was a suspect. That was 23 years ago.

The DNA in the Hehir murder matched the DNA gathered in that case:

According to prosecutors, DNA evidence gathered at the scene of Ms. Hehir's death was found to match a DNA sample from an unsolved 2000 rape in Worcester. Investigators reviewed the rape case and re-examined possible suspects, one of whom was Mr. Segura, prosecutors said.

[Trial date set in slaying of school aide, by Gary V. Murray, Telegram & Gazette, November 28, 2018]

Had Melendez been convicted of first-degree murder as he should have, he would have been sentenced to life in prison. Now, aside from receiving a sentence of less than two decades, he is eligible for parole.

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Of course, the latest report on Melendez, or whatever his name is, didn’t mention that he is an illegal alien. Immigration and Customs Enforcement lodged a detainer when he was arrested [Immigration officials targeting suspect in Worcester killing, by Kim Ring, Worcester Telegram & Gazette, March 28, 2017]. Of course, he stands a good chance of not being deported if he survives prison. Treason Lobby lawyers will file lawsuits to argue that he’s served his time and he’s been punished enough.

As always, it goes without saying that Hehir would be alive if he hadn’t been in the country. But alas, Massachusetts is a sanctuary state.

As VDARE speculated in March, maybe refusing to deport illegal-alien rapists and murderers is part of the Great Replacement to terrorize Americans into accepting their dispossession and replacement.

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