Great Replacement Update: Biden Still Dumping Illegals Into Heartland America
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The Biden Regime is busing and flying illegal aliens into the heartland at breakneck speed seven days a week, Todd Bensman of the Center for Immigration Studies reported after he witnessed the treason at the scene of the crime—the U.S. border with Mexico [Border Conveyor Belt Continues, June 1, 2022].

“The well-oiled process CIS observed in Del Rio gave rise to scenes where incoming Border Patrol buses disgorge their passengers fresh from processing stations right next to outbound Greyhound buses loading up with de facto immigrants heading to new American lives,” he wrote.

A roaring, expanding conveyor belt of buses and airplanes is hauling thousands of previously expellable crossers … into American cities, out of ear shot or sight of the American public.

The buses and planes hauling illegals into the interior of the country “are not only spiking, but likely evidence of a border-wide development.” The illegals know they can stay, as an illegal named George told Bensman:

Asked if he thought America would let him stay in the country forever, George nodded with certainty and a tight-lipped knowing smile: “Yeah, forever. Because it’s a very good country, man ... really.” 

As of mid-May, Biden had released more than 950,000 illegals since he took office. By now, that number might be more than 1 million.

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