Great Replacement Update: Border Patrol “Encounters” More Than 234K Illegals; Biden Released 117K-Plus
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The Border Patrol handled more than 234,000 illegals at the southwest border in April. But more frightening, perhaps, than that Camp-of-the-Saints rush at the border is the number the Biden Regime released. The regime freed almost 120,000—a mind-boggling 50 percent—to declare squatter’s rights and establish colonies in your hometown.

The latest numbers come from the Texas v. Biden case, which requires the regime to provide monthly border statistics. U.S. Customs and Border Protection will publish its monthly totals in the next few days.

Encounters for April totaled 234,088. Three border sectors account for almost half the total that border agents handled along the frontier from Texas to California.

  • Rio Grande Valley: 41,776
  • Del Rio: 40,855
  • El Paso: 29,838
  • Total: 112,469

In keeping with the Great Replacement blueprint that Homeland Security chief Alejandro Mayorkas created in February, the regime released more than half of the illegal-alien horde: 117,989.

CBP released 110,207; Immigration and Customs Enforcement released 7,782.


The share of those caught and then released increased significantly from March. The regime had been releasing just under 40 percent.

Fiscal year to date, border agents have handled 1,295,900 illegals, about 6,112 every day.

Monthly releases total 516,805:

  • April: 117,989
  • March: 80,116
  • February: 55,043
  • January: 62,573
  • December: 74,799
  • November: 83,725
  • October: 42,560

In early May, Mayorkas told Fox News’s Bret Baier that the regime has released 836,000 illegals since taking power after the stolen 2020 election. 

Now that number is more than 950,000; i.e., as a practical matter, 1 million.

But The Great Replacement is just a white supremacist conspiracy theory.

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