Gestalt Of The NYT's Stephen Miller Piece: A Hate Screed Against An American Hero-Citizen
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This week, after 2.5 years in office, the Trump Administration finally got its ducks in a row enough to issue an update to the 1999 temporary guidelines on how to enforce the 1996 law directing the executive branch to work hard to keep out legal immigrants who are likely wind up as a “public charge.” As I pointed out in my Taki’s Magazine column, this is a completely sensible bureaucratic policy, like the Harvard admissions office having policies to cut down on the percentage of applicants admitted who go on to flunk out or the Golden State Warriors having rules of thumb to avoid wasting draft picks on college basketball player who won’t be able to guard anybody in the NBA.

The obvious question is: Why did it take the Trump Administration 30 months rather than 6 months to come up with it? And the obvious answer is that immigration restrictionism as a reform movement has a very thin bench of policy intellectuals. One reason is the incredible campaigns of odium directed toward the handful of patriotic Americans who take an activist role, such as the endless hate campaign directed by Morris Dees of the SPLC against the late small town eye doctor John Tanton.

Similarly, because of all the hate, so few rich people donate to immigration limitation causes. For example, the New York Times just ran a giant article denouncing a dead heiress who donated generously to environmentalist and restrictionist causes.

In contrast, zillionaires openly promoting more immigration like Zuckerberg, Gates, Bloomberg, the Koches, Adelson, the Widow Jobs etc. etc. etc. are a dime a dozen (to mix metaphors).

Now the NYT has an endless article about the horribleness of one of the very few White House officials to work hard for enforcing our laws on immigration:

How Stephen Miller Rode an Anti-Immigration Wave to the White House

By Jason DeParle, Aug. 17, 2019

Behind Mr. Miller’s singular grip on the Trump anti-immigrant agenda are forces far bigger than his own hostility toward the foreign-born.

I.e., Miller is linked to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s conspiracy theory of a vast, shadowy sinister conspiracy led by the late John Tanton, who was in ill health for most of this century, to enforce the laws.

The funny thing is, there are basically no facts in this article that make Miller look bad to an objective observer, there is just endless slanted verbiage. I wonder how many readers get part way through and have a gestalt: Wait a minute, this article is just a hate screed against an American hero-citizen!

Probably … very, very few.

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