Gang Bill To TRIPLE Afghan "Refugee" Flow!
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Afghan girl

Afghan girl, 1985. Unfortunately, not representative.

Our trusty Talk Radio Listener reported on Sunday

I listened to the Aaron Klein Show. He has read the Senate Amnesty/Immigration Acceleration Bill and says it will triple the number of Afghan asylum seekers and expands their ability to start chain migration. Under current law, they apparently have to work for the US government to get asylum. Under the Senate bill, they get asylum if they work for non-profits, and they can bring parents and other relatives. He says it will bring the Taliban to America.

The podcast of the show is here. Klein has posted a discussion of this atrocity on his website: Immigration bill quietly opens U.S. to Afghans. See shock increases buried in text of massive legislation

There had been earlier signs of intended special treatment for Afghanis as I noted in US Access For All Afghan Women As Refugees? Could Happen Under Gang Bill! I concluded it was

Further proof that, like the 1965 Act, this year’s Amnesty/Immigration Acceleration Bill is primarily motivated by a wish to destroy America by maximizing importation of weird strangers.

Why can’t refugee sourcing be confined to trustworthy counties – like Chechnya?

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