Breaking News: Richard Cohen Has Normal Opinions On Profiling! Should He Be Derbyshired?
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I knew Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen must have said something sensible when I saw this (note gracious Weigel compliment to John Derbyshire):

And here's black writer Jamelle Bouie about it:

So Richard Cohen thinks that the Zimmerman's suspicions of Trayvon Martin were justified by his appearance? (Including the hoodie.)

Of course they were! Not only does the general public know about Trayvon's record of crimes at school—this was concealed from the jury, which must just be learning about it now—but we know that his response to a white grownup speaking to him late at night was to leap on him and start beating him to death.

Weigel says that "Obviously I don't think "WaPo columnist has wrong opinion!" is a firing offense" and immediately gets this response:

And then there's this, which is what, even before the attack, the "profiling" was about:

Man, 18, Charged In Kidnapping, Rape Of Canoga Park Mall Employee

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

VAN NUYS ( —An 18-year-old Lancaster man was charged with more than a dozen felony counts in connection to the alleged kidnapping and rape of a Canoga Park mall employee on the Fourth of July, according to the district attorney’s office.

Kioki Ray Snowden, who was arrested Thursday, made his initial court appearance Monday in Van Nuys. His arraignment was rescheduled to July 29.

The suspect was charged with four counts of forcible rape, three counts of identity theft and two counts of kidnapping to commit another crime.  He also faces one count each of second-degree robbery, sexual penetration by foreign object, forcible oral copulation, sodomy by use of force and second-degree commercial burglary.

The complaint includes special allegations that Snowden used a deadly weapon, a knife, in the commission of the offense; kidnapped and bound the victim; and substantially increased the risk of harm to the victim through movement.[More]

That's from a neighborhood not lucky enough to have a Neighborhood Watch, and that's what Zimmerman was trying to protect his neighborhood against. Is that transgressive enough for Jamelle Bouie?

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