US Access For All Afghan Women As Refugees? Could Happen Under Gang Bill!
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Afg 3

Afghan girl, 1985. Do American Women need this competition?

H/T the wonderful Refugee Resettlement Watch for  California Rep: Open refugee resettlement to all Afghan women May 1, 2013

Here is CNS News yesterday in a story that is buzzing around the internet:

( – A U.S. lawmaker, expressing concern about the lives of Afghan women when most U.S. troops leave the country in 2014, said those who want to do so should be allowed to come to the United States:

“I’m really concerned about these women,” Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) told a House Armed Services subcommittee on April 25. “I think everyone on this panel is very concerned about these women…But I think there is something we can do. And that is to create a refugee status for any Afghan woman who wants to leave the country and is seeking asylum in our country.

Needless to say Representative Speier has a NumbersUSA career ranking of F.

Refugee Resettlement Watch cuttingly adds

And Rep. Speier, tell me! what happens when all these women are granted asylum and then apply for family reunification in order to bring all their hubbies and half grown kids to join them in America—hmmmm?

Tell Congress to strip out all references to refugee resettlement and asylum from the Gang of Eight Amnesty bill.

but alarmingly points out

If you think this proposal by a California Congresswoman sounds a bit nutty, please note that the Gang of Eight’s amnesty bill would in fact make refugee resettlement available to WHOLE CLASSES OF PEOPLE.

No longer would they have to personally show they are in fear of persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or because they are a member of a persecuted ‘social group’ (includes being gay now), they simply must belong to a certain group of people assumed to be persecuted—eg. Afghan women.

The Gang of Eight bill also allows the President to declare a whole group of people, eg. Afghan women, as in the “national interest” to admit to the US.

Of course this luxurious condition has long been enjoyed by Soviet Jews.

Further proof that, like the 1965 Act, this year’s Amnesty/Immigration Acceleration Bill is primarily motivated by a wish to destroy America by maximising importation of weird strangers.


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