Why Have Muslim Immigration?
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H/T for the above map and for Diversity is beautiful alert! Female Genital Mutilation alive and increasing in America to Refugee Resettlement Watch

Frankly, the refugees (and other immigrants) bring the brutal practice with them. We know this is a problem in certain ethnic groups from Africa and the Middle East, and although those who don’t want it discussed will say that other people (of other religions) cut their daughters’ clitorises too, but it’s mostly practiced today by Muslims

RRS cites a valuable blog previously unknown to me: Creeping Sharia. From this I learn that the negative Muslim influence on American freedoms was felt at CPAC: Jihad Watch Wins CPAC Award, Barred From Receiving It

Why a Western society would be willing to accept Muslim immigration with the resultant inevitable problems is a puzzle. It even puzzles some Muslims.

Anyone mistakenly thinking this is just a matter of jarringly alien customs should spend time scrolling down the appalling documentation at the UK site The Rape Jihad

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