DETROIT NEWS Asks if BLM "Is Really After Justice, Or Simply Chaos"? Answer: They're Fighting AGAINST Justice!
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The Detroit News responds to blacks trying to make the shooting of Hakim Littleton—who died shooting at police officers—into a Black Lives Matter case:

Justice was what the officers involved in the incident Friday were trying to deliver — justice for three people who were killed and five who were wounded during a July 4 block party.

While trying to arrest a suspect in the shootings, Littleton allegedly intervened, drew a gun from his pocket and fired at an officer’s head. Only his bad aim stopped this from becoming yet another murder of a cop doing his duty....

Detroit Police Chief James Craig wisely released the bodycam recording showing a man identified as Littleton firing a handgun point blank at an officer who was attempting to arrest a suspect in a triple homicide.

It didn’t stop protesters from trying to fit this shooting into the George Floyd mold, but it did raise important questions about whether the Black Lives Matter movement is really after justice, or simply chaos.

Finley: Video confirms cops aren't always wrong, by  Nolan Finley, Detroit News, July 13, 2020, Emphases added.

The answer is that they want victory, they want to destroy the justice system itself. Almost all of these BLM cases and historic black riots have involved fighting against justice.

In 1965, the Watts Riot was sparked by an armed robber on parole being arrested for reckless driving, and  the Detroit Riot of 1967 was sparked by a raid on an illegal speakeasy in a black neigborhood.

Steve Sailer wrote at TakiMag:

But in 1967 the police, at the encouragement of black Baptist ministers wishing for their neighborhood to be cleaned up, raided an unlicensed after-hours bar. Interestingly, the movie, which often shows a different view of reality than it tells, depicts the raid as being led by a black officer. Still, neighbors threw bottles at the cops, who, following Detroit’s then-celebrated liberal doctrine of not provoking riotous ghetto dwellers, retreated. To celebrate their victory over the forces of law and order, the locals began looting shops.

The 1992 Rodney King riots were sparked by the acquittal of some white cops for using reasonable force to arrest Rodney King, a huge dangerous felon who had been driving at a hundred miles an hour, and wanted to fight with the cops.

You can probably fill in the more recent cases yourself, but remember, George Zimmerman was an innocent victim of attempted murder, as was Darren Wilson in Ferguson.

The Black Lives Matter (and black political establishment) record on policing, "mass incarceration," voting rights for felons (including murderers), opposition to the death penalty, and attitude towards white people using force to defend themselves from attempted murder all suggest that when blacks do get "justice" they don't like it.

That's why they're making t-shirts with the name of a man who died trying to commit murder:


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