Update On Oklahoma Justifiable Homicides: 911 Dispatcher Asked “OK, Are They White Males?”
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From Weaponsman.com, an analysis by ex-SF Sergeant "Hognose" of the tactical and legal aspects of the shooting Eugene Gant referred to in Masked Home Invaders Not The “Victims” Of Citizen Armed With AR-15.

Hognose described what happened in an earlier post on Weaponsman called They Brought Brass Knuckles, Knife to a Gun Fight

Midday. Your dad’s house. You and Dad are home.
A tremendous crash comes from the glass back door of your home, and you arm yourself. The AR should back them down, but when you meet, there are three of them, in black hoodies and masks, and they threaten you. They’re only armed with tools brass knucks, and knives, but your life just became a real-life Tueller Drill in your own damn kitchen.

The Tueller Drill  is designed to teach policemen that some one within 7 yards of you with a knife can cross that distance and kill you within 1.5 seconds. The victim shot all three attackers before they could kill him.

In the more recent post, Hognose covers the aftermath, including the 911 call. He writes

First: “I shot two of them, now I’m barricaded in my bedroom.”

This link goes to a complete transcript of the 911 call. Here’s a few highlights:
Peters: “I’ve just been broken into. Two men, two I’ve shot in my house (address).”

Dispatcher: “Was one of them shot?”

Peters: “Yes, two of them.”

Dispatcher: “Are they bleeding?”

Peters: “Yes. I believe one… one’s down, one’s still talking here with me now.”

Dispatcher: “And they broke into your home?”

Peters: “Yes.”

Dispatcher: “What’s your name, sir?”

Peters: “Zach Peters.”

The Dispatcher elicited information that would be useful to the responding deputy, and Peters continued to keep his wits about him. But the Dispatcher also had a script to run.
Dispatcher: “OK, are they white males?”

Peters: “Um, I didn’t get a good look.”

Like, who gives a hairy rat’s what color the guys who busted down your door are? Well, of course, government agencies. By the way, Peters’s response is the only thing you should ever say to this question, especially if you and the crumb exsanguinating in your kitchen are nor the same skin tone.

Broken Arrow OK Follow-up: Home Invasion as “Bad Decision.” (Long), March 31, 2017

Now, it's an obvious point that dispatchers are always asking for the race of suspects. It's literally the first thing they ask, before height, weight, and what kind of hoodie they're wearing.

But in this case, the question wasn't "What race are they?" it was “OK, are they white males?” And I think what was going through the head of the dispatcher was "Uh, oh—hope it's not going be a Black Lives Matter case!" Because we all know that when a murderously aggressive black dies of justifiable homicide, the result is what the MSM calls protests, but police departments think of as rioting, looting, and arson.

As you can see above, two were white and one was black. That would make the young man at most one-third of a racist, but as he told the dispatcher, he didn't get a good look—because the multiracial attackers were wearing masks.

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