Trump Can Win Re-Election By Inviting McCloskeys To White House, Denouncing Gun-Grabbing Dems’ Anarcho-Tyranny
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Mark and Patricia McCloskey must become the posterchildren of President Trump’s campaign for re-election. Their story, daring to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights to protect their life, property and liberty from a Black Lives Matter mob only to have their firearms confiscated by a Soros-funded black prosecutor, is Anarcho-Tyranny on steroids:

Friday night, the St. Louis Police Department executed a search warrant at the home of Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the couple who stood in front of their homes with guns as angry protestors marched through their gated community.

Sources told 5 on Your Side that police arrived at the home with a search warrant for the guns and left with the rifle that had been held by Mark McCloskey.

Reportedly, the pistol held by Patricia McCloskey was already in the possession of the couple’s attorney.  However, their new attorney, Joel Schwartz, told 5 on Your Side that he does not know where the handgun is, and did not confirm what was removed from the home.

Schwartz said that he wanted to meet with St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardener, but no appointment had been scheduled.

As we previously reported, by standing in front of their private home with weapons, the McCloskeys, who were in fear for their lives, were engaged in a lawful act of defense against the trespassing protestors.

Mark McCloskey stated that  “he and his wife were threatened, their dog was threatened and people stated that they would burn down his home and his office. Others said they would be living in that home by the time they were done.”

Patricia McCloskey told Sean Hannity,

“[They said] that they were going to kill us. They were going to come in there. They were going to burn down the house. They were going to be living in our house after I was dead, and they were pointing to different rooms and said, ‘That’s going to be my bedroom and that’s going to be the living room and I’m going to be taking a shower in that room.”

George Soros-backed St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner apparently does not agree that the McCloskeys’ actions were justifiable.

In her statement issued June 29 regarding the McCloskeys’ conduct as protestors gathered in front of their home, Gardner declared,

“I am alarmed at the events over the weekend, where peaceful protestors were met with guns and a violent assault.  We must protect the right to peacefully protest, and any attempt to chill it through intimidation or threat of deadly force must not be tolerated. 

“My office is currently working with the police and public to investigate these events.  Make no mistake:  we will not tolerate the use of force against those exercising their First Amendment rights, and will use the full power of Missouri law to hold people accountable.”

Search warrant executed on St. Louis couple who defended their home; rifle seized as Soros-backed prosecutor attacks them, Law Enforcement Today, LawEnforcementToday, July 11, 2020

How close are we to losing America? How close are we to losing our freedoms and the right to self-defense from a mob the authorities refuse to crush?

Appearing on Tucker Carlson’s program on Fox News, McCloskey said he feared the mob was intent on burning down his house:

"When I saw that mob coming through the gate with their rage and their anger, I thought that we would be overrun in a second," he said. "By the time I was out there with my rifle, the people were 20 or 30 feet from my front wall ... I was literally afraid that within seconds they would surmount the wall and come into the house, kill us, burn the house down and everything that I had worked for and struggled for the last 32 years."

He went on, "I saw it all going up in flames and my life destroyed in an instant and I did what I thought I had to do to protect my hearth, my home and my family."

McCloskey said he was offended by insinuations that his effort to protect his family was racially motivated, emphasizing that his 30-year career as a lawyer was largely focused on helping those "that need a voice."

"I don't understand," he told Carlson. "Here's the interesting thing, I spent my career defending people that are defenseless ... This is what I do for a living. I help people that are down or that need a hand and people that need a voice.

"To call us racist is ridiculous and it had nothing to do with race. I wasn't worried what the race was [of] the mob that came through my gate, I was worried that I was going to be killed. I didn't care what race they were."

Armed St. Louis homeowner speaks out: 'When I saw that mob ... I thought that we would be overrun in a second,', Fox News, June 30, 2002

President Trump must invite this St. Louis family to the White House immediately. He must address the nation on the madness of both the Black Lives Matter/Antifa rioting and of the Democrat officials who target, not the rioters, but the law-abiding, by weaponizing the law to go after them.




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