Democracy Dies In Lies: WASHINGTON POST's Alleged VDARE Flag Is Not, Repeat NOT, Our Flag
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The Washington Post's feature Identifying far-right symbols that appeared at the U.S. Capitol riot, (January 15, 2020) contains an actual photo, highlighted but not actually Photoshopped, of a flag which they have labeled with our name, which is not our flag.

Here's the text:


SYMBOL DETAILS: An image of a lion with red, white and blue stripes

The red, white and blue lion imagery seen on a flag on Jan. 6 is associated with the xenophobic, ethnonationalist website VDARE, which gets its name from Virginia Dare, supposedly the first White child born in the New World, according to the SPLC.
VDARE is known to host far-right writers and intellectuals. The organizer of the 2017 “Unite the Right Rally” in Charlottesville was a contributor to VDARE. In 2019, the Trump campaign came under fire after using an almost identical lion graphic in a promotional video. editor Peter Brimelow wrote on Twitter:

If there is hope, it lies in the Left's craziness. WaPo tries to smear us as Domestic Terrorists because of this flag at the Capitol protest but  a) it's not the VDARE flag and b) we only adopted the VDARE flag as a joke because an earlier Leftist crazy tried to smear Trump with a tweet we did years ago (and had actually forgotten). All explained here, but WaPo's computers probably block VDARE!

And they prefer paranoid fantasies anyway.I would have been proud if the VDARE flag was carried at the protest, but alas I don't think it was. We still have a few left, see here:

Limited Edition VDARE 2020 Flag

The main thing you need to know is that we Tweeted a random lion image in April 2016, and the Trump campaign tweeted a video whch closed with a similar image in 2019, which immediately set of a media storm by VoxSalonVICE that Trump was "Dog-Whistling" to white people. See Dog Whistles And Lion Whistles: Neither Trump Nor IS “Signaling,” But SALON, VICE, and VOX Really Believe It!

To recap, the White Doe flag, based on a legend about Virginia Dare, is our flag.

The Lion Flag is some other group's flag.  The Washington Post is apparently relying on some kind of hate symbols database which usually consists of Left-wing fantasies for its "news." That's why the NY Post, among others, is reportedly determined not to rely on its reporting.

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