SPLC Union Strikes Another Shattering Blow At $PLC. But Is This A Labor Or A Political Dispute?
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The much loved Southern Poverty Law Center ($PLC to VDARE.com) has apparently been blessed with the Union it deserves.

Immediately after the recent mass firings, @SPLCUnion put out a blistering statement:

which remains the basis of the (surprisingly few) news accounts of the event.

On Tuesday, the Union turned the heat up even further. They posted:

This illustrated with the above devastating ”fact check” of an $PLC statement (not posted on $PLC’s “Press Center” web page, which still lacks any reference to the layoffs). The Union added:

In The $PLC Massacre—Purging Pro-Palestinians?, I suggested there were two possible reasons for the slaughter:

  • Imported Chinese-American President Margaret Huang is planning to put the operation into retirement, living off the enormous pool of assets piled up by her predecessors. I suggested the start of a massive Atlanta office project, disclosed in the 2023 Financial Statements, might indicate she is planning to move the whole outfit from hick Montgomery to cool Atlanta.
  • Unruly pro-Palestinian sentiment among the staff precipitated a management terror campaign, aimed also at silencing the survivors. The funding base of the SPLC is famously heavily Jewish. Events since October 7 demonstrate the “elderly Holocaust-haunted rich,” or more to the point their even richer descendants, have no intention of extending to pro-Palestinians the political tolerance long demanded for Leftist demonstrators.

A particularly surprising casualty was the termination of the inexpensive Learning for Justice program (formerly Teaching Tolerance), which provided classroom resources for students to learn about “racial justice and tolerance”—e.g., anti-white indoctrination.

But evidence is to hand that the pressure on this operation from its recipients to supply pro-Palestinian material must have been mounting:

NOW I See Why $PLC Dumped Classroom Propaganda Program. Left’s Palestinian Purge Problem Just Beginning .

From Margaret Huang’s standpoint, this had become a good business not to be in.

Indeed, this latest broadside from the SPLC Union, technically admirable though it is, suggests they are conducting a political rather than a labor dispute. Discrediting the SPLC management like this is like striking miners preventing care and maintenance on the mine in which they work.

The Union famously preceded the SPLC itself in condemning Israel over the Gaza campaign.

The SPLC has always operated on the basis of extremely ruthless terror: see Jared Taylor: The SPLC Wants To Starve My Family (Among Others). Their employees were willing executioners.

But this is not just a laughing matter. It has underlined the base selfishness of the SPLC management, and what community ultimately controls it.

More immediately interesting, it shows that this sudden civil war on the Left is going to be ferocious.


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