Corrupt, Hateful Maxine Waters Poised To Take Over Financial Services In Congress
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Maxine Waters is the woman who's been encouraging all kinds of hate against Republicans, including mob attacks. She thought the Rodney King Riots in LA that killed 63 people, injured thousands,  and set fire to the Korean business district (causing a billion dollars in damages) were a good thing.

And as Michelle Malkin has been reporting for years, she's one of the most corrupt members of Congress.

And now she's poised to take over the Financial Services Committee in the US House of Representatives.

Steve Sailer foresaw this before the election, and quoted a friend of his who said:

I was looking at my depth chart of the US House of Reps, and noticed that, if/when the Dems take control of Congress, the new Chairman of the Committee on Financial Affairs will be: Maxine Waters. Isn’t that something a serious, or even minimally competent, political party would make sure voters know about? It’s not as though the Dems or media consider it unsportsmanlike to mention Steve King or Louie Gohmert at every opportunity.

Here's Michelle Malkin on why a serious party, or to put it another way, a serious country would never consider Ms. Waters for a job regulating banking:

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