Confirmed: Paul Ryan Total Treason Lobby Tool
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Ryan buck

Congressman Ryan demonstrating his plan for the American worker

For some reason ignorant MSM journalists appear to have difficulty grasping what has long been obvious and well documented: Paul Ryan is a wholly owned servant of the Treason Lobby on immigration.

Dems pin immigration hopes on GOP's Ryan Donna Cassata AP July 17 2013 marvels

Democrats doggedly pursuing a far-reaching immigration bill are counting on help from Republican Rep. Paul unlikely candidate for delivering the centerpiece of President Barack Obama's second-term agenda.

The article insinuates that Ryan’s stance is dictated by his Catholic loyalties-

Ryan is a practicing Catholic who made a point of attending Mass every Sunday during the jam-packed 2012 campaign; the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops strongly favors the first major changes to immigration in 27 years.

but also discloses that he was on the wrong side long before the Catholic Church went so bad

Ryan is hardly a newcomer to the issue. In 1994, when he worked with Kemp, he wrote a 4,000-word rebuttal to proponents of Proposition 187, the California ballot initiative that denied benefits to immigrants in the country illegally.

“Kemp” of course is the late Congressman Jack Kemp whose appalling degeneration was chronicled by Peter Brimelow in In Memoriam: Jack Kemp—His Moment Came And Went. What about America's? Proposition 187 was the valiant effort by California voters to protect their state, ultimately quite undemocratically assassinated with neoconservative connivance.

Neoconservative influence and particularly money is probably the key to Ryan’s career as Peter Brimelow observed in Paul Ryan, Immigration Enthusiast, Donor-Driven Choice? Immediately having got the Vice-Presidential nomination Ryan rushed out to Nevada as reported in No media allowed as Paul Ryan meets with Sheldon Adelson in Las Vegas  Steven Stradbroke August 14, 2012 Calvin - no doubt to confirm Romney had indeed sold out Immigration Patriots.

But the sad truth also seems to be that Ryan seems to have drunk the Cheap Labor Lobby Kool Aid. The AP article reports his deference to local employers and as saying

"Baby boomers are retiring to the tune of 10,000 people a day for the next 10 years," Ryan said. "We're going to have labor shortages in this country in the next decade. We need to have our immigration system prepared for that."

Structural unemployment, wage erosion and job loss simply does not register with Paul Ryan.

The Ryan formula for election victory: swamp the American worker’s job market with cheap aliens and their children’s schools with non-English speaking strangers.

Victory for whom?

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