Bolsonaro Elected 55 To 45 In Brazil—As We've Been Expecting Here At
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Jair Bolsonaro, the populist candidate for President of Brazil we've been covering here for some time, has been elected, as I find out via Twitter, where libertarian Jesse Walker's reaction  was "The second-largest country in the Americas just elected its own Duterte."

Duterte is the tough President of Phillipines  who believes in fighting crime by shooting the criminals.

He was reacting to Glenn Greenwald who Tweeted

90% of the votes counted:

Bolsonaro: 55.7%

Haddad: 44.3%

It's done.

When a ruling class f***s over enough of the population for a long enough period of time, they're going to burn it down—out of desperation & anger—one way or the other. At some point, democracies are going to need to grapple with that or there will be Bolsonaros everywhere.

What drives this is governments that refuse to do anything about crime.

Here's our previous Bolsonaro coverage:

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