Black FBI Agent Sentenced For Leaking Counterrorism Documents. His Excuse? Counterterrorism Is Racist!
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I saw a press release about an FBI agent being sentenced to four years in jail for leaking classified information. I started Googling because I was curious to find out who he was leaking to, but that turns out not to be the important thing about this story. The important  thing,  as in many crime stories, is "What is the color of the offender?" and "Is he motivated by anti-white racism?"

In this case, we can answer that Terry Albury is black, and he is motivated by typical black resentment:

Former Minnesota FBI agent cites racism in explaining leak
By Steve Karnowskim Associated Press, April 17, 2018

ST. PAUL, Minn. — A black former Minnesota FBI counterterrorism agent pleaded guilty Tuesday to leaking classified documents to a reporter, saying in a statement that he knew it was illegal but felt he had to act against a culture in the bureau that often treats minority communities with suspicion and disrespect.

By the AP's own rules, they're allowed to say that an accused criminal is black if he makes a claim of racism. Otherwise, it's a secret.

More of what the FBI does in enforcing federal laws and regulations involves putting white people in jail than does most local law enforcement, but Albury was assigned to counter-terrorism, which means Arabs and Somali suspects:

Albury said little during the hearing apart from brief answers to the judge's questions, and declined to comment afterward. But his attorneys, JaneAnne Murray and Joshua Dratel, issued a statement to reporters on his behalf saying Albury, who was the only black field agent in the FBI's Minneapolis office, acted out of conscience. They said he was troubled by how racism within the FBI affected its interactions with minority communities.

"The situation became even more acute for him when, having previously served a tour for the FBI in Iraq, he was assigned to the counterterrorism squad and was required first-hand to implement FBI investigation directives that profiled and intimidated minority communities in Minnesota and other locations in which Terry served," they said.

Albury was accused of sharing documents with an online news organization sometime between February 2016 and Jan. 31, 2017. They included a document, dated Aug. 17, 2011, and classified as "secret," that related to how the FBI assesses confidential informants, and an undated document "relating to threats posed by certain individuals from a particular Middle Eastern country."

Many of the FBI's counterterrorism investigations in Minnesota have focused primarily on the state's large Somali-American community. Roughly three dozen men from the community left the state to join al-Shabab, a Somali Islamic extremist group, or militants in Syria including the Islamic State group. Others have been convicted on terrorism-related charges for plotting to join or provide support to those groups.

The date on the classified document that Albury acknowledged leaking and its subject matter corresponded with a story posted by The Intercept on Jan. 31, 2017, that deals with assessing informants and recruiting them by identifying their "motivations and vulnerabilities." The story references a secret document dated Aug. 17, 2011. Public case documents don't name the news organization or any reporters, nor did any names emerge during the hearing.

Useful of the AP to guess at the story, but it would have been more helpful to include a link and citation: The FBI Gives Itself Lots of Rope to Pull in Informants | Agents have the authority to aggressively investigate anyone they believe could be a valuable source for the bureau, by Trevor Aaronson, January 31 2017. (See more at The Intercept: The FBI’s Secret Rules.)

This is extremely serious breach of FBI security regulations. The DOJ press release says:

“Leaking classified national defense information to the media is a crime that damages our national security,” said U.S. Attorney Terwilliger. “Albury transmitted classified information not just to one hostile foreign power, but to every hostile foreign power with the ability to pick up a newspaper or access the Internet. To be clear, this was not whistleblower activity. Albury made no attempts to engage in any of the legitimate whistleblower processes available to him, and instead chose to betray his oath and his colleagues by leaking classified national defense information to the press. This case should send a message to anyone considering violating the public’s trust and compromising our national security by disclosing classified information. We will remain steadfast and dogged in pursuit of these challenging but critical national security cases.”

"Terry Albury willingly disclosed classified information that he had taken an oath to protect, for his own purposes," said Assistant Director in Charge Nancy McNamara. "He violated the trust that was placed in him by willfully providing information that could endanger national security to individuals not authorized to receive it and lied to the FBI about his actions. Albury violated the trust that was placed in him and his attempt to leverage national security information for his own reasons brought him to this sentence today. The FBI will continue to take all necessary and appropriate steps to thoroughly investigate individuals, no matter their position, who undermine the integrity of our justice system by lying to federal investigators."

According to court documents, Albury worked as an FBI Special Agent in the Minneapolis field office at the time of the disclosures, held a Top Secret//Sensitive Compartmented Information security clearance, and his daily duties provided him access to sensitive and classified FBI and other U.S. government information.

And here, from's archives, is why the "racist" FBI is profiling Somalis in Minnesota:

Of course, if you search for Somali and Minnesota, it's not all about terrorism. There are also stories about the shooting of white Australian lady Justine Damond by Somali Minneapolis PD Officer Mohamed Noor. That's not a story about terrorism, but another horrifying example of Affirmative Action in police hiring—like the story of FBI agent Terry Albury.

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