Somalis Residing in Minneapolis Want Sharia, Reject American Law
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Documentary filmmaker Ami Horowitz has a small Youtube channel where he presents self-produced videos. In a recent piece, he interviewed Somalis residing in Minneapolis and asked them whether they prefer Islamic sharia to the American system.

Unsurprisingly, most would rather have head-choppy sharia law.

HOROWITZ: Do you feel more comfortable living under American law or do you feel more comfortable living under sharia law?

SOMALI MAN: Uh, sharia.

ANOTHER SOMALI: I’m a Muslim. I prefer sharia law.

A THIRD SOMALI: Sharia law, yes.

HOROWITZ: Do you prefer Sharia law over American law?

A FOURTH SOMALI: Of course, yes.

HOROWITZ: Do you find most of your friends feel the same way?

FOURTH SOMALI: Yeah, of course, if you’re a Muslim, yeah.

Why not offer them a free one-way ticket to Somalia in return for them rejecting their American citizenship or green cards?

Then they could go full jihad in the dear homeland with al Shabaab. They can stone and behead to their heart’s content. Win, win.

And stop importing them. Muslim immigration welcomes historic enemies of Western civilization and must stop.

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