Black Dolls For White Kids Update: Family Forced To Deny 7-Year Old Is "Racist"
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Earlier: Lifehacker Propaganda: "Buy Your White Kid a Black Doll"

This video, retweeted by a black guy, shows a 7-year-old white girl unwrapping, then throwing, a doll that turns out to be black at Christmas.

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The family who posted this and saw it go viral have deactivated their account, but not before being forced to issue a denial of racism.

The family of a young girl who screamed when she discovered she had been given a black doll for Christmas have denied they are racists after a video went viral.

[Woman says video of sister, 7, screaming as she opened black doll isn’t racist, by Tim Green, Metro, December 29, 2019]

They say she just didn't like dolls, but commenters are convincing the whole family of racism for laughing.

A similar video from 2015 occasioned a number of white-hating articles from blacks, and "anti-racism" articles from whites.

Here's the question: why are these parents giving their white children black dolls in the first place? Because it's part of the anti-white propaganda movement. It's similar to the feminist refusal to give children gender-appropriate toys (dolls for girls, trucks and guns for boys) that Steve Sailer refers to as feminists "making children cry on Christmas morning since 1969."

That’s why, in spite of the fact that you're supposed to buy black kids black dolls to avoid damaging their little self-esteems, white mothers have to buy their white kids black dolls. It's because their self-esteems deserve to be damaged—they're white.

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