Bingo! Indian Nazi (?) Houston Shooter WAS (Would-Be) Immigrant Mass Murderer
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The Main Stream Media was more interested in than usual in Houston shooter Nathan DeSai because he might have been a Nazi cultist (I say "might have been" because readers have pointed that the swastika is a common Hindu symbol and the Lying Press simply cannot be trusted). Needless to say, there is absolutely no MSM interest in the fact that he was actually an Indian.

Now it emerges that DeSai was also an an immigrant:

According to naturalization records, DeSai was born in India and became an U.S. citizen in 1989.

Houston Gunman Killed After Wounding 9 Described as Reserved, by Juan A. Lozano, Associated Press, September 27, 2016

Fortunately, none of DeSai's victims have died. As we said in “What Is Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome?” (556 Killed As Of June 30, 2016)
A further methodological complication: immigrants who attempt mass murder but fail. For example: the Jamaican (Home Depot employeeCalvin Esdaile, Jr. ) who killed only one person, plus himself, after bursting into his workplace with a gun; Faisal Mohammed, who stabbed four people before being shot by a police officer, but all survived; Mehrdad Dashti, a 30-year-old Iranian, took 33 hostages in a popular bar near UC Berkeley in 1990. He killed one and wounded seven before police stormed the building and shot him dead. He was described as hating blond-haired people generally and women in particular. Reports differ about whether the blond women hostages were sexually abused. (Note how this unknown incident presages theElliot Rodger shooting by a Eurasian gunman at UCSB who targeted blonde sorority girls.).

We list some such attempts here, but of course they do not impact the death toll…greatly.

However, the lamentable fact is that there will be more successful Immigrant Mass Murders soon.
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