A California Reader Points Out That The California Gunman Elliot Rodger Is Technically An Immigrant Mass Murderer
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Re: Brenda Walker's article Diversity Is Strength! It's Also…Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome

An Anonymous Book Lover [Email him]

Just in case anyone tries to present the killing of seven by one Elliot Rodger in Isla Vista, California, last night, as a clear-cut instance of non-Immigrant Mass Murder; it should be noted that the case is far more ambiguous. In fact the killer was born in the U.K., had traveled extensively with his movie-maker father, to the extent perhaps that he did not really have American connections, and his mother is some sort of "Asian."[What We Know About Elliot Rodger, The UC Santa Barbara Gunman, LAIst, May 24, 2014]

See a previous letter from the same reader.

James Fulford writes: The basic principle in these shootings is not to believe anything for the first 24 hours, in which everyone is leaping to conclusions.

The killer was apparently born in England (of English parents, he has a Moroccan stepmother) and he was a white guy, so this shooting will be used to promote gun control, whereas disgruntled black employees shooting up their disarmed coworkers because of racial hatred of whites…will be ignored, after the deceased have been investigated for racism. See my article Jezebel: “Have You Noticed That White Dudes Keep Mass Murdering People?” No, We've Noticed You Promoting It.

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