A Reader Has A Correction On "Self-Described Eurasian" Elliot Rodger
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Re: A California Reader Points Out That The California Gunman Elliot Rodger Is Technically An Immigrant Mass Murderer

From: Professor of Mystery [Email him]

Correction is needed on James Fulford’s notes below last night's letter. Rodger was Eurasian (His mother was Malaysian) with a North African stepmom. He is also the grandson of George Rodger a famous British photographer who documented the pile of corpses at Bergen Belsen. Rodger was a card carrying rootless cosmopolitan, a world citizen…and a killer of “stuck up” blondes.

James Fulford writes: I was too hasty in suggesting that he was 100 percent English (I did say that you should believe nothing for 24 hours) and of course, you should never believe anything the MSM says about race. Independent.com says Rodger was

A self-described “Eurasian” thanks to a British father and Asian mother, Rodger attended Moorpark College before moving to the Santa Barbara area, but found trouble integrating with life in Isla Vista. Insights into Isla Vista Shooter Elliot Rodger, May 24, 2014

The words “self-described” are their way of saying “We weren’t going to tell you what race he was, we wouldn’t think of telling you. But it was important to him, so we can mention it.”

Ramzpaul's  YouTube response to this attack is below:

UPDATE: Gone from YouTube, archived here.


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