Houston "Nazi" Gunman Is An Indian Named Desai
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article-houston7-0926Here are some details from a Houston shooting that injured nine, and may result in some deaths. The shooter, at right,  was an Indian named Nathan Desai (his father's name is Prakash Desai) and for reasons unknown, he wore a Nazi uniform during his rampage:
City officials identified the attorney who injured nine people Monday in a shooting in southwest Houston as Nathan DeSai, the Houston Chronicle reported.

DeSai opened fire, apparently at random, at people as they were in their vehicles on Monday, according to police....

ctsf7iuukai9mrhDeSai’s father, Prakash DeSai, told KTRK that his son was upset because his law firm was floundering. Nathan DeSai and his law partner, Ken McDaniel, were forced to close their firm about six months ago due to a lack of business, he said. ... DeSai wore Nazi uniform during shooting

Citing unnamed police sources, KPRC reported that DeSai had a Nazi uniform on Monday morning. The uniform was described as an "antique German uniform with Swastikas on it," according to the news station. Authorities who searched DeSai's home also found Nazi paraphernalia inside, KPRC reported.

Houston shooting: Gunman who injured 9 identified 2:46 p.m. Monday, Sept. 26, 2016 |

Why do I think that this Indian lawyer's Nazi fetish is going to get much bigger play than than his Indian origin? Because I read the headline in the New York Daily News:
'Disgruntled' Houston lawyer wearing Nazi uniform opens fire at strip mall; nine injured, suspect shot dead by police

By Christopher Brennan and Dan Good, September 26, 2016

disgruntled garyOf course, the mental picture most people would get from the headline above is something like the picture at right (an actual Texas lawyer, wearing the traditional dress of his people) not someone named Desai.

Expect Desai to be blamed on Trump.

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