Another MSM Story On Accelerating Chinese Influx. Does No One Ask If This Is Good For Americans?
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The MSM continues to wake up to the Chinese invasion across the Southern Border. Chinese migrants make multi-country trek to US southern border: ’I just want to make money’ [by Adam Shaw,, March 29, 2024] is as usual overweighted with human interest stories, but does let fall some significant facts.

These migrants are well-coached and affluent:

A 36-year-old man from northern China, who had traveled to Mexico with his wife and twin sons on their way to the U.S., told Fox News that he picked up tips about the arduous journey from Chinese social media apps.

The Chinese Government has notoriously tight control over what is posted on the domestic internet. They are indisputably conniving in this flow. Why?

The man estimated the trip had already cost nearly $17,000.

They are very affluent. And they completely understand the efficiency of the U.S. immigration procedures. The same man:

 …said, ”I am not worried about my legal identity problem, because as long as we arrive in the United States, there will always be a way to solve the identity problem.”

However, Fox’s Shaw is not up to speed on this issue. He says:

There have been more than 22,000 encounters of Chinese nationals at the southern border since Oct. 1, a massive increase from the 2,176 encountered in federal fiscal year 2022 and the 450 encountered in fiscal year 2021.

The story I discussed in Courageous 60 MINUTES Piece Illustrates How Chinese Immivasion Happening—But Short On ”Why” And Implications said in US FY 2023 (ending September 30) 37,000 Chinese were encountered. So on this basis the flow has at least doubled. But more important, the CBS story also reported seeing 600 people come through one hole in the Border (which the Border Patrol was shirking repairing). Furthermore, the rancher blessed with this deluge said the rate was 3,000 a month. In one location! A substantial proportion were Chinese. I think this number is the tip of the iceberg.

It is beyond time to curb sentimentality and face facts. As I said in December in Chinese Problems + No Borders = American Obliteration. WATCH’s Great Videos!, this is an

EXISTENTIAL THREAT to the USA and the American people. On Google’s current numbers, China’s population at 1.412 billion is 4.27 times that of America (331.9 million) and 2.12 times that of all Latin America (667.12 million).

A proportionately quite small exodus will transform America, not to the benefit of Americans.

Do not bother telling me these are generally good people. That is irrelevant. As I pointed out in My Correspondents Say Chinese Darien Gap Immivaders Better Than Other Illegals. I Say: SO WHAT?:

…just as no one would applaud the introduction into their child’s classroom of large quantities of bigger, more developed and more violent black kids, why would anyone welcome the introduction of intelligent and appallingly industrious Chinese children to carry off the academic prizes?

(American Plutocrats, overconfident in their ability to protect their own progeny, scoff at this. Ultimately, when ethnocentrism bites, their descendants will curse them.)

Does no one think about what is good for Americans?


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