Chinese Problems + No Borders = American Obliteration. WATCH’s Great Videos!
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In September I posted THEY’RE COMING! One Billion-Plus Chinese “Economic Migrants” Now Know About The Darien Gap. This discussed a long article in the South China Morning Post which said that increasing numbers of Chinese, having heard about the Darien Gap route and the Biden Administration’s No Borders policy, were deciding to illegally immigrate to America. (The Darien Gap is between Colombia and Panama, and economic ”migrants” use it as a path northward, because no one is stopping them.)

The Darién Gap at the Colombia–Panama border

Primarily, the South China Morning Post made clear, these are economic migrants. But of course they all claim political asylum when they cross the border.

Last month, I followed up with DAILY MAIL Confirms: Chinese Invasion Through Darien Gap Accelerating. WHERE IS GOP? This documented how well organized the Latin American portion of this trip has become, thanks to local entrepreneurs and their Governments.

Knowledge of this disaster is spreading. The Daily Mail just posted Huge group of well-dressed CHINESE migrants with smart luggage wait to be processed after illegally crossing border from Mexico into California:

Chinese people were the fourth-highest nationality, after Venezuelans, Ecuadorians and Haitians, crossing the Darién Gap during the first nine months of this year, according to Panamanian immigration authorities.
Daily Mail, by Stephen M. Lepore, December 5, 2023

Part of the cause is that the Chinese economy seems to be going ex-growth after so many years of astonishing boom. But also, political conditions do seem to be deteriorating, even for the elite.

Politico has just (December 6) reported China’s Xi goes full Stalin with purge:

Hundreds of senior officers in the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), as well as thousands of top Party officials, have been arrested, disappeared or “suicided” (driven to commit suicide or killed in circumstances made to look like suicide).

But whatever the reasons for Chinese emigrating, it amounts to an EXISTENTIAL THREAT to the USA and the American people. On Google’s current numbers, China’s population at 1.412 billion is 4.27 times that of America (331.9 million) and 2.12 times that of all Latin America (667.12 million).

A proportionately quite small exodus will transform America, not to the benefit of Americans.

The point to grasp here is that enormous numbers of Chinese are affluent enough to pay the considerable costs of Darien Gap transit, and that they are intelligent enough to ameliorate the problems involved.

This is vividly explicated in a recent powerful posting: has obtained a never before published document, circulated among Chinese illegal aliens, which offers a clear blueprint on how to navigate to the United States illegally, and how to exploit the asylum system, achieve refugee status, and become embedded in America.

Currently, another form of unrestricted warfare, that is weaponized migration can be seen at the Southern border. Month after month, thousands of military age Chinese Nationals are crossing into the United States illegally…

Chinese Invasion Blueprint Exposed, by Thomas Hicks, July 25, 2023

Muckraker, as a dissident news site, is, not unreasonably, trying to raise a little money off this tremendous scoop but they are allowing free access to the 10-minute video they have created: Secret Document Exposed.

Any Patriot who does not watch this video is failing his country.

Muckraker is laying heavy emphasis on the Security/Military threat of this scandal highlighted in a second video of December 4, 2023:

Muckraker. is choosing to emphasize the National Security aspect of this immivasion. They may not be wrong. The longer video reports that Chinese immigrants are being harassed by Chinese political police outfits within America and that they are extremely afraid of their relatives in China being persecuted.

That is before the issue of dedicated Chinese agents arriving is considered.

However, we at, taking the longer view, are alarmed at the future demographic implications. Unless restrained, this influx could rapidly dwarf what has happened so far, astonishing though it may be to say that.

Given a little time (and bearing in mind the current anti-white ethos in America), these people and their children will become merciless competitors. And there will be a LOT of them.

I repeat what I said in My Correspondents Say Chinese Darien Gap Immivaders Better Than Other Illegals. I Say: SO WHAT?

…just as no one would applaud the introduction into their child’s classroom of large quantities of bigger, more physical developed and more violent black kids, why would anyone welcome the introduction of intelligent and appallingly industrious Chinese children to carry off the academic prizes?

(American Plutocrats, overconfident in their ability to protect their own progeny, scoff at this. Ultimately, when ethnocentrism bites, their descendants will curse them.)

Some of those writing to me take the view that America, and white counties generally, should welcome being overrun and (at least culturally) conquered if the invaders are strong enough to do this.

My reply: Only whites, and no other race, are brainwashed enough to believe this. Holding this view means extinction.

Which I am confident many of those writing to me already know.

Just who decreed that the Historic American Nation should be displaced in its homeland?

Email Patrick Cleburne.

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