Trump Honors A Hero In New York, While Biden Fundraises
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Donald Trump, if not devout, is none the less a ”cultural Christian,” showing a proper respect for Christianity as a key support of our national culture.

Similarly, while you can argue about whether Trump is a true hero, he shows proper instinctive respect for true heroes—a respect by no means universal among our ruling classes.

That was unmistakably on display yesterday, Thursday, here in New York.

Earlier in the week a young city police officer, Jonathan Diller, had been shot dead by a career criminal, a guy with 21 prior arrests. Officer Diller’s funeral is scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday, a couple of towns over from me here on Long Island.

Yesterday, Thursday, was the wake, likewise out here in the ’burbs. Hundreds of police officers were present, along with Officer Diller’s widow, their one-year-old son, and other family.

And Donald Trump, who flew in for the occasion. He got a warm greeting from the assembled law enforcement, but spent much of the time with the widow and family members, according to the county executive who was present.

Cynical politicizing of a personal tragedy in pursuit of the law’n’order vote? I guess there are people who will say that, although I don’t believe it myself.

Yet even if that’s the case, Trump’s visit still makes a revealing contrast with a ruling-class extravaganza conducted at the same time a few miles away in Manhattan. This was a fundraiser for Joe Biden’s presidential campaign held at Radio City Music Hall, attended by not only Biden but also Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

Everybody who’s anybody was at the event, and the Biden campaign organizers are boasting about the ”most successful political fundraiser in American history,” end quote. They claim to have raised $25 million from the five thousand attendees.

Showbiz was of course represented in quantity. Stephen Colbert, who is some kind of TV personality, quipped that

This is an extraordinary occasion because three presidents have come to New York—and not one of them is here to appear in court.

 Ha ha ha ha! Hunter Biden, who was in the audience, was probably laughing loudest of all.

Did Biden, Clinton, Obama, Colbert, or any of the other ruling-class names up on that stage betray any awareness of Officer Diller’s wake going on a few miles away in the city suburbs?

Not a trace of it. The White House press secretary told reporters that Biden had spoken with New York City Mayor Eric Adams by phone to express his condolences for Officer Diller’s death, but wouldn’t say if he’d called the family. The assumption has to be he didn’t.

A policeman? Living in the suburbs? These are not our kind of people, my dear.

We are Donald Trump’s kind of people, and he has an instinctive decency in dealing with us.

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