How Brett Kavanaugh Is Connected to Haven Monahan
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This is pretty woozy stuff, but from Raw Story, we learn the shocking truth: Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh had a high school buddy in the 1980s named Mark Judge who in 2014 didn’t wholly believe every detail in Sabrina Rubin Erdely’s Rolling Stone story “A Rape on Campus.”

… In one piece he wrote for GotNews, [Mark] Judge attacked a woman who claimed she was gang-raped for three hours. The piece has since been removed, but not before some were able to take screen captures.

“There is a key part of the Rolling Stone piece that I have questions about… Jackie was a new student when she went to a fraternity party at Phi Kappa Psi. Her date, Drew, gave her spiked punch to drink and then brought he [sic] upstairs. He led her into a darkened room. Jackie ‘began to scream,’ but it was too late,” he wrote, screen captures claim.[ link to GotNews article]

Of course, unmentioned is that the woman named “Jackie” who claimed to be gangraped for 3 hours on broken glass was UVA coed Jackie Coakley and her gangrape organizer “Drew” was the legendary Haven Monahan.

By the way, Mark Judge’s grandfather Joe Judge played first base in the 1924 and 1925 World Series for the Washington Senators led by Walter Johnson. The Judge family has long argued for the primacy of batting average and defense over home runs, going back to Joe’s 1959 article for Sports Illustrated entitled “Verdict Against the Hall of Fame.”

The latest sabermetric statistics, however, cast the singles and doubles hitting Judge in a pretty good light, with 47 career Wins Above Replacement, not quite Hall of Fame numbers but highly respectable: the 35th best first baseman of all time.

Granted, Joe Judge’s stats probably don’t have much to do with whether Brett Kavanaugh should be on the Supreme Court, but it doesn’t seem all that much more irrelevant and certainly better documented than what everybody else is obsessing over.

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