And So Farewell To Sheldon Adelson—Zionist Activist; Immigration Enthusiast (But Only For U.S); Chinese Asset?
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In a terrible spell of bad news, one good thing has happened: Sheldon Adelson has died.

When the obituary notice of the Historic American Nation is finally published, I believe that the actions of this wicked man will be featured prominently in explaining why America’s elected officials failed to defend their constituents and their country.

For many years, Adelson cash seduced GOP pols into ignoring their electorate and tacitly allowing immivasion. I have no less than 124 (!) articles documenting this. One of the earliest remains one of the best: Sheldon Adelson Buying Amnesty From GOP Establishment—Help Inform Grassroots America!

Adelson had no business in the Republican Party from the point of view of principles, as the former Democratic Senate Leader freely acknowledged: Thanks, Harry Reid: GOP Owner Sheldon Adelson Confirmed As Social Leftist.

The MSM of course averted its eyes from Adelson’s pro-immigration influence, of which they approved. But his bribing the Republicans into a more bellicose stance in the Middle East was sometimes deplored: It's Official! NY TIMES Documents Plutocrat Purchase Of GOP (Ignores Immigration Aspect Of Course). And the general stench of corruption he created sometimes attracted complaint: Old Left Webzine TRUTHOUT Fluently Denounces Sheldon Adelson's Corruption: Overlooks His Liberalism.

Personally, I doubt whether Adelson had any more emotional commitment to his American citizenship than he did to the state driver’s license he held. That seems to be the message of Sheldon Adelson: "Put A Big Fence Around Our Country" (Israel, That Is). And of course a double standard about Israel was axiomatic:  Adelson's Israeli Newspaper Trumpets Border Fence Success (And Israel Bans Remittances By Illegals).

And so farewell and good riddance to Sheldon Adelson, whose thanks to America for the huge opportunities he was given was to sabotage her immigration enforcement and encourage her involvement in interminable Middle Eastern Wars.

More ominously, however, I have recently read Michael Pillsbury’s seminal The Hundred-Year Marathon: China's Secret Strategy to Replace America as the Global Superpower. This points out that, while for 2,000 years China had no experience of conducting foreign relationships except with minor states which it completely dominated, there was a phase in the distant past when something analogous to the European state system existed.

This was the Warring States Period (475–221 BC) when China itself broke up into competing units. After much struggle, one state conquered all the others.

A detailed literature exists discussing the stratagems employed. One of the favorite: bribing an opponent’s advisors.

Adelson’s huge fortune mainly stems from gambling operations started in Macao in 2004. The notoriously avaricious Chinese Nomenklatura has never muscled in nor have predatory taxes been imposed.

Flooding America with low IQ unassimilable immigrants could certainly appeal to the notoriously race-conscious Chinese. So could seeing America locked in a permanent conflict with the Muslim world.

Is it conceivable that such a lever went unused?

Maybe even Sheldon Adelson had a boss.


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