Based Bill Barr Smacks Down Kritarchs, Kritarchs Admit Political Motivation
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Based Bill Barr has again laid down the law to the kritarchs in the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR), the administrative hearing agency for immigration cases, also known as the immigration courts. In a related case, a former kritarch admits on nation-wide television that the kritarchs object to the law as written, outing their illegal political motivation.

The issue here is that the kritarchs have been ignoring instructions from the Attorney General and the Director of the EOIR to complete cases of so-called unaccompanied juveniles in 60 days. The kritarchs don’t like being held to this standard and were conducting an illegal work slowdown in an effort to sabotage the administration policy.

The Trump administration is reinforcing a tight deadline for immigration cases of unaccompanied migrant children in government custody in an effort to make quicker decisions about deportation, according to an email obtained by CNN.

The message seems designed to apply pressure on immigration judges to wrap up such cases within a 60-day window that’s rarely met and falls in line with a broader effort by the administration to complete immigration cases at a faster speed…

The Executive Office for Immigration Review, which oversees the nation’s immigration court system, sent the email last month to assistant chief immigration judges, reminding them that unaccompanied children in government custody are to be considered the same as detained adults for purposes of scheduling cases.

[Trump Administration Puts Pressure On Completing Deportation Cases Of Migrant Children, by Priscilla Alvarez, CNN, February 12, 2020]

Of course, Alvarez contacts spokeswoman for the kritarch union, Ashley Tabaddor, who openly lies, claiming that cases involving juveniles cannot be completed in 60 days.

Judge Ashley Tabaddor, president of the National Association of Immigration Judges, said deadlines are “putting the judge between a rock and a hard place.”

“The only thing that can get done within 60 days is if someone wants to give up their case or go home or be deported,” Tabaddor told CNN.

That is just not true. Tabaddor is lying. Unaccompanied minors are the easiest case to complete. Firstly, if they have parents, guardians, or relatives in the United States they are not unaccompanied, they are just aliens who have been illegally smuggled into the United States. Such aliens have no claim to remain in the United States and should be immediately ordered deported. And the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) should immediately arrest their “sponsors” if they are in the United States illegally and, if not, arrest them for alien smuggling. Similarly, most other immigration cases can be completed quickly. Most aliens in removal proceedings are facially deportable. Most delays are mere contrivances, especially aliens who repeatedly claim they are searching for an attorney, but get multiple continuances of their cases based on obvious lies.

Only if the children are really “unaccompanied” is there an issue. That means they have no parents or other relatives in the United States. Now no young child travels all the way to the United States without having spent thousands of dollars with a smugger, a coyote in the parlance of the border. There are a small number of teenagers who bring themselves to the United States who have no relatives here, but are an insignificant number. 99% of all minors are being smuggled by a family member. Therefore there are no complicated issues.

Alvarez, of course, lies as well, taking the line that “unaccompanied” children have relatives here who are difficult to find.

While the 60-day deadline cited in the email is not new, it’s difficult to meet for cases of unaccompanied kids, in part, because of the time it takes to collect the relevant information for a child who comes to the United States alone. As a result, cases can often take months, if not years, to resolve.

That, again, is not true. All the “unaccompanied” minors have contact information, as they are being smuggled. In most cases, a payment is due to the smuggler upon the arrival of the child, but in any case, why smuggle a minor if when the minor is arrested there is no way to contact the parents or relatives?

Of interest in this story is that CNN accompanied the story with a related video of a former Immigration Judge (IJ), Lisa Dornell, who resigned after being instructed by her supervisors on the requirements related to her job performance, i.e., doing the work she was hired to do, rather than making her own immigration policy. Dornell objected to being supervised and resigned. In the accompanying video, however, she outed herself as a lawless kritarch and politically motivated.

Starting from 1:17, Dornell states openly that she and other IJs don’t accept supervision and correction by management and she objects to the statute that requires applicants for admission who are inadmissible to wait in Mexico, and claims that this is Trump Administration policy, not the law. This is statute that she is objecting to, which exposes her lawlessness. It is not for her to object to the laws that Congress created. She also demands that the EOIR be made into a real Article III court, which is another political demand.

Here she is in a previous CNN article by Alvarez, almost as if CNN had an agenda, only speaking with former IJs who object to the law and the Trump Administration policies.

Lisa Dornell loved her job. For 24 years, she sat on the bench in Baltimore’s immigration court, hearing hundreds of cases of immigrants trying to stay in the United States.

“It was an honor. It was a privilege to be able to preside over so many different cases and be able to grant relief to people who needed relief,” Dornell told CNN in an interview.
But she walked away from that job in April — a decision that still invokes a wave of emotion when she recalls it. “The toxic environment made it both harder and easier to leave,” Dornell said.

[Immigration Judges Quit In Response To Administration Policies, by Patricia Alvarez, CNN, December 27, 2019]

I for one am celebrating that fact that Based Bill Barr is forcing out leftist kritarchs and cleaning up the swamp.

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