541,000 Illegal Aliens Benefit From Biden Regime Administrative Amnesties
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The Lying Press is celebrating, not reporting, the mass Biden Regime illegal amnesties for invaders. Instead of trying to keep things quiet, the Lügenpresse is boasting about the numbers and claiming that the illegal amnesties are a “legal expansion” of immigration. None of the amnesties mentioned are legal—they are a clear violation of the use of the limited parole authority—but it is an admission that the Biden Regime is using it to expand immigration, which is an admission that the programs are illegal.

The Biden administration has welcomed over half a million migrants under programs designed to reduce illegal border entries or offer a safe haven to refugees, using a 1950s law to launch the largest expansion of legal immigration in modern U.S. history, unpublished government data obtained by CBS News show.

In less than two years, the administration has allowed at least 541,000 migrants to enter the U.S. through the immigration parole authority, which gives federal officials the power to authorize the entry of foreigners who lack visas, according to internal government statistics, court records and public reports.

U.S. Has Welcomed More Than 500,000 Migrants As Part Of Historic Expansion Of Legal Immigration Under Biden, by Camila Montoya-Galvez, CBS News, July 18, 2023

And welcome is the appropriate word. However, there is nothing in the immigration laws of the United States about welcoming aliens, but there is much in the law about inspecting, arresting, and deporting inadmissible and deportable aliens.

In an effort to mislead, the Lügenpresse conflates the illegal aliens, intending immigrants, with refugees, for which parole is not a legal substitute.

It has also given the administration a faster way to resettle refugees as it attempts to rebuild a resettlement system gutted by drastic Trump-era cuts…

141,200 Ukrainian refugees sponsored by Americans; 133,000 asylum-seekers who waited for an appointment in Mexico; 77,000 Afghan evacuees; and 22,000 Ukrainians processed at the U.S. southern border, the data show.

Note that the program is specifically described as for refugees and asylum seekers, which begs the question, if the aforementioned groups, Ukrainian refugees, asylum seekers from Central America, and Afghan evacuees, as well as another group of Ukrainians who are not described as refugees are refugees, why haven’t these aliens applied for refugee status and had that application adjudicated? Just what are that second group of Ukrainians? We only know they were “processed” at the southern border.

What we do know about Ukrainians is that they are not either refugees or asylees. Why, because they did not apply for either refugee status or asylum. The program from the start was a parole program with a fraudulent purpose; parole aliens into the United States who are intending immigrants without the proper immigrant visas. What we do know is that Ukrainians, whether brought directly here with so-called sponsors or entering illegally on the southern border, have no claim to asylum or refugee status.

If they aren’t refugees, but the government and the Lying Press are describing them as refugees, why are they being paroled? Most expect them to either apply for asylum eventually, but in reality, what will happen is that these illegal aliens will soon begin lobbying Congress to adjust status to Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR), green card status, by legislation, as even the Biden Regime lies to the public, claiming they are refugees. Legislation is needed, as the Ukrainians and others do not qualify for refugee status or asylum.

But complicating problem is that it is illegal to parole into the United States aliens who are or will apply to be refugees or asylees. But the Biden Regime cannot admit that any group benefiting from the parole amnesty is not a refugee or asylee because they are claiming that these aliens are persecuted or have a right to apply for asylum. It is a Catch-22, the justification for parole is that those being paroled are persecuted and the Regime must protect persecuted aliens. But the aliens cannot show a past history of persecution or likely future persecution, which negates the need to parole the aliens as they aren’t persecuted and there is no need for the parole. But the parole is necessary to get them into the United States. It is all lies intending to deceive the American people.

If the aliens in question were persecuted, i.e. meeting the legal definition of a refugee, an alien outside the United States who can show evidence of persecution or likely future persecution, then there would be no need for parole, the aliens could apply for refugee status and have that approved, entering legally as refugees.

But the aliens in question, including the Ukrainians, were not persecuted nor have a well-founded fear of persecution if returned to their country of nationality, though the men from the Ukraine would be drafted to fight in a war, but clearly don’t want to. So, in reality, the parole of Ukrainians is a international draft evasion scheme.

As for Cubans and Nicaraguans, the same is true. If there are of such humanitarian concern to the United States and described by the press as refugees, why aren’t they applying for refugee status? Obviously because they are not victims of persecution. They are economic migrants, coming to the United States to work, including illegal child labor or get welfare.

The Lying Press further claims that the whole scheme is based on the reduction of refugee admissions by the Trump Administration, which is just an outright lie, as the Biden Regime can admit any number of properly adjudicated refugee applicants it wants.

It has also given the administration a faster way to resettle refugees as it attempts to rebuild a resettlement system gutted by drastic Trump-era cuts.

What they really mean is that the Trump Administration made some attempts at enforcing the rules regarding refugee and asylum applicants; properly denying fraudulent refugee claims, reducing refugee quotas, and requiring illegal aliens who apply for asylum to wait in Mexico for their claims to be adjudicated. The fact that most required to wait in Mexico never followed through with the process shows their claims of fear of persecution were fraudulent and only made in order to be released into the United States, where they would disappear and never show up for their appointments with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) or the Executive Office For Immigration Review (EOIR), the immigration court system.

Interestingly, Doris Meissner, the former Jewish head of the legacy Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), essentially admits that the parole amnesty is illegal and beyond the purpose of the parole authority.

Doris Meissner, a top U.S. immigration official during the Reagan and Clinton administrations, said there’s precedent for using parole to resettle refugees. During the Cold War, Republican and Democratic administrations paroled hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing communism in Cuba, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia. But Meissner said the Biden administration’s use of parole is historic.

“At this scale, in this time period, it is unprecedented,” said Meissner, who led the now-defunct Immigration and Naturalization Service from 1993 to 2000.

Meissner was herself involved in illegal amnesty activity during the Clinton Regime, but even she sees the absurdity of over 500,000 parolees.

And we know it is all lies, all intended to increase immigration for their political benefit and to the detriment of the White Historical American Nation. We even get a new term, “at-risk refugees,” which is not in immigration law. It is an admission that Ukrainians, Venezuelans, Cubans, Haitians, or whomever are not real refugees. And that the whole scheme is all about increasing immigration outside the law.

The Biden administration has said the use of parole has allowed the U.S. to resettle at-risk refugees, reunite families and relieve pressure at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Parole is for limited purposes and time periods. Parolees are required to depart the United States when the specific period of time and the purpose is over. None of those being paroled in are intending to leave the United States. So we know that this parole amnesty is just a replacement for an immigrant visa. Parole is not for refugees, at-risk or not; parole is not for bringing in family members without an immigrant visa, we have laws and quotas on immigrant visas; nor is parole for relieving pressure on the U.S.-Mexico border. We have walls, the Border Patrol, and Expedited Removal to end the pressure on the border.

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