The Invasion Is Not About Asylum, It's About Welfare
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The big lie about the current border crisis, a crisis that was deliberately created by the Biden Regime, is that it is about asylum; that there are millions of aliens fleeing political persecution by the country of citizenship and the only way that can be relieved is to flee not to the nearest country, across whatever border separates the fraudulent asylum seekers from relief from the fictitious persecution, but go through several countries to the United States.

We know this because even the execrable Susan Rice knew this, we know this because the Haitians are not fleeing Haiti, but fleeing Chile and Brazil where they resettled years ago. But even the Venezuelans, supposed victims of a totalitarian regime, admit that they aren’t coming because of persecution, but because of welfare.

Ricardo Marquez, a 30-year-old Venezuelan man, arrived at a shelter in McAllen after crossing the border with his wife and 5-month-old child in Brownsville. They left Venezuela because his daughter needs surgery.

“I was confronted with the decision to either stay there or risk it all for my daughter,” he said. They had crossed the Rio Grande after spending a month in Matamoros trying to get an appointment through an app the U.S. uses to schedule appointments for people without documents to come to the border and seek entry.

[Risk It All’: Migrant Surge As US Prepares For Title 42 End, by Rebecca Santana and Valerie Gonzalez, Associated Press/Yahoo News, May 8, 2023]

No mention of persecution by the Maduro Regime, no mention of an arrest by the police, no mention of harassment by the militia, nothing about persecution at all. But his child does need surgery and Americans will pay for it. The whole narrative by the Lying Press and the Biden Regime is a lie.

Similarly for the Haitians fleeing Chile. Note that they are not fleeing Haiti, they haven’t been in Haiti for years, sometimes over a decade.

Many of the Haitian migrants who recently entered Texas had taken refuge for years in Chile. Some said they faced increasing joblessness, poverty and hostility there…

Work and housing, always hard to get, grew still scarcer during the pandemic. Many Haitians became destitute. Some rent rooms in overcrowded, run-down homes. Others became squatters. Many work as street vendors.

“I researched Chile and its economy before coming,” said Mr. Azor, the Haitian migrant, “but I never imagined we would be living in an overpriced room and sharing a bathroom with 20 others…”

But over the years, that changed. Migrants were accused of taking jobs away from Chileans and straining social services.

[Why Haitians in Chile Keep Heading North to the U.S., by Pascale Bonnefoy, NYT, September 27, 2021]

No reported arrests by the Chilean police, no persecution, but just hard times. But hard times are not a cause for receiving asylum in the United States. And the Haitians know that and have lies prepared as they know that hard times are not a basis for asylum.

”Things became too difficult for immigrants in Chile,” said Phalone, who did not want her last name published for fear it would endanger her immigration prospects in the United States…

Phalone left Chile in May. By early August, she and her group had crossed the border in Texas, and got into the United States, where they live now, in the hope of getting asylum in the United States.

This Haitian knew that she could not tell the truth to a reporter and continue with her lies to get asylum, so she kept her last name secret.

It is also about jobs, not persecution. Another Haitian could not get a good job to qualify to live in Chile permanently, so he decided to come to the United States and lie about being persecuted.

The government says residency permits are issued on a first-come, first-served basis. With the great exodus of Venezuelans fleeing their country’s collapsed economy, most of the permits are going to them.

Haitians, however, see the decline as a clear sign that they’re unwanted, Mr. Azor said.

His brother Gregorio, 26, tried for six years to find the kind of a stable job in Chile that could lead to legal residence. In June, he gave up, and set out for the United States.

“It’s a way to pressure us to leave,” Mr. Azor said.

All admit it was because of Biden opening the borders.

“We were sold the ‘Chilean dream,’ but it turned out to be false,” said Steeve Azor, 28, who migrated from Haiti to Chile in 2014. “Everyone thought President Biden would be more flexible on migration.”

And by flexible, he means the United States would believe any lie used in an asylum claim.

The Biden Regime created this crisis, and the invaders know that the Biden Regime will accept their lies. Remember that when the Lying Press and Democrats tell you to be compassionate to asylum seekers.


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