VDARE.com: Saturday's Letters: A Southern Reader Says Dixie Took A Stand Against Senate Sell-Out; etc.
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Saturday's Letters: A Southern Reader Says Dixie Took A Stand Against Senate Sell-Out; etc.

From: Mike Scruggs [e-mail him]

Re: Bryanna Bevens's Column: The U.S. Senate Tackles Immigration Reform…But There's A Flag On The Field, Folks

There is a silver lining in the vote on S. 2611 (which I like to call "Bush-Kennedy" or "the Bill of Abominations" after the Tariffs of Abomination of 1828 and 1832 that caused the Nullification crisis of 1832). It showed the South still has a sense of honor.

Of the thirty Senators from fifteen Southern states, including Kentucky, Missouri, Oklahoma, and West Virginia, twenty-three voted against the Bush-Kennedy-McCain bill, i.e. Shamnesty.

So while I shudder to think that S.2611 was passed 62 to 36, I, a Southerner, take some comfort and pride that it was beaten in the South.

But sadly, some scalawags surfaced:  both Democratic Senators from Arkansas, Lincoln and Pryor; both Florida Senators, Martinez (R) and Nelson (D); as well as Frist (R) of Tennessee; Landrieu (D) of Louisiana; Warner (R) of Virginia; and Lindsey Graham (R) of South Carolina all voted "yea".  [Jay Rockefeller (D) of West Virginia, abstained.]

One Southern Democrat, Byrd of West Virginia, a faithful Constitution man, also voted against S.2611.

Besides Byrd, there were three other Democrats who voted against Bush-Kennedy: Dorgan of North Dakota; Nelson of Nebraska; and Stabenow of Michigan.

In addition to the four Southern Republicans the following eighteen Northern Republicans disgraced themselves enough to earn the title of "New Radical Republican" by voting for S. 2611: Specter of Pennsylvania; Bennett of Utah; Brownback of Kansas; Chafee of Rhode Island; Coleman of Minnesota; both Collins and Snowe of Maine; Craig of Idaho; both DeWine of Ohio (and he's up for reelection) and Voinovich of Ohio; Domenici of New Mexico; Hagel of Nebraska (also up for reelection!); Lugar of Indiana; Mulkowski and Stevens of Alaska; Greg of New Hampshire; Smith of Oregon; and of course superscum John McCain of Arizona.

If anything similar to S.2611 passes the House, you can expect at least 32 million more new unskilled and poorly educated immigrants in the next ten years…perhaps even as many as 50 million.

Advantage liberal Democrats! This would turn the U.S. into a despotic and corrupt Banana Republic within ten to twenty years.

There is still time, but very little. To quote Patrick Henry, " Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle?"

Scruggs, a former Republican County Chairman, is a retired financial consultant and corporate business executive living in North Carolina.

He holds an MBA from Stanford University and a BS from the University of Georgia.  Scruggs is a USAF combat veteran of the Vietnam War, holding a Distinguished Flying Cross and Purple Heart. 

VDARE.COM comment: Read Lawrence Auster's View From The Right post on the remarkable religious breakdown of the S.2611 vote here.

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Saturday's Letters: DHS Whistleblower Says VDARE.COM's Edwin S. Rubenstein Tells It Like It Is

Re: Edwin S. Rubenstein's Column: The Privatized Amnesty Pencedream

I fully agree with Rubenstein's postulation that the entire idea—and any idea even remotely similar—of having illegal aliens leave the country and then report back to work through application at a private hiring agency will never succeed.   

As I work for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), I can most assuredly state that it will NEVER share or allow access to any database or information files - regardless of the purpose.

DHS barely shares info between agencies within its service umbrella.

Furthermore, I would not put any faith or trust in a background check that relied solely on the Internet and I would never rely on information from the Government of Mexico since its system is too corrupt and has no "national data accessibility".  Each state in Mexico maintains its own style of records. No state conforms to any other.

Regarding the lawsuits that Rubenstein mentions against Tyson Foods and Wal-Mart...the case against Tyson has been mitigated down from the original multi-million dollar fine to ZERO. 

Wal-Mart has also escaped unscathed by simply claiming that any illegals that "may" have worked at its locations were hired by sub-contractors or through hiring agencies.

Wal-Mart claims it is not its responsibility to check the legal status of these indirectly-hired employees.  This is how all companies big and small get around being heavily fined by the federal government. 

Of course, this also doesn't take into account the political pressure applied by "major interests" to force ICE not to perform worksite enforcement or enforce the employer sanction laws.

Many years ago, someone once said that sometime in the not too distant future there would no longer be governments, and that corporations would make all the important decisions for the masses. 

That day is fast approaching and it will be the death of the free market and the end of national borders.  Everything will be globalized and there will be no separate nation-states.

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Saturday's Letters: Another New York Reader Turns Off "Conservative" Radio When Larry Kudlow Touts More Immigration

From:  Liz Smith [e-mail her]

Re: A New Jersey Reader Says "Conservative" Talk Radio Not So Conservative After All

I'm glad someone else heard the Kudlow insanity besides me. I've been too busy calling, faxing, and visiting our pathetic Senators in the Northeast.

I have one additional comment about Kudlow's broadcast that truly disturbed me.  Kudlow had Steve Moore on the same show, one of those typical Wall Street Journal open-borders cheerleaders.  

The segment sounded scripted like an infomercial.

Kudlow and Moore were talking about how these new "citizens" will save Social Security and that they really have "no effect on our population because they are in essence making up for the terrible tragedy of abortion that has happened over the past 30 years."

They cited 40 million abortions as the population aliens must replace.  

I've never heard abortion used as an excuse for illegal immigration. It almost sounded like a desperate attempt to get pro-life conservatives on board with their pro-illegal alien views.  

Neither Kudlow nor Moore mentioned that most of the 40 million would have been American citizens and not hostile Third World residents bent on destroying our nation. 

Smith is a part-time healthcare technology consultant, a conservative issues activist and the mother of three school-aged children.

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Saturday's Letters: Still Another New York Reader Says Kudlow Has Lost It…If He Ever Had It

From:  Dan Hayes

Re: A New Jersey Reader Says "Conservative" Talk Radio Not So Conservative After All

Regarding Larry Kudlow, what do you expect from a dope-head, recovering or otherwise.

In the lexicon of our victimhood society, Kudlow is a "recovering" cocaine addict. The white lady did a nice job on his neuron factory.

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Saturday's Letters: A Vietnam Veteran Challenges Henry Lenoir's View Of POWs

From: Ron Foreman [e-mail him]

Re: An Ex-Fighter Pilot Confirms Bryanna's Theory: McCain Is Insane

I am not sure how many POWs Mr. Lenoir knows but his blanket negative observations about them are unfair.

Lenoir doesn't say if he is Air Force, Army, Navy or Marine. Nor does Mr. Lenoir state his combat experience or his direct encounters with enemy forces. 

As Lenoir indicated, many POWs have had problems, who would not? Most are divorced. The strain on marriages even for those of us who were not captives was very severe.

When my five uncles returned from WWII, all were addicted to booze. So it is not strange for men under stress to break.

I do not agree with McCain but I will always remember the picture of him in a hospital bed broken up while our news media like Walter Cronkite played into the hands of the North Vietnamese.

We should be addressing the immigration issues with McCain by presenting a strong case based on the facts. Calling McCain an idiot because he was a POW is not productive.

Since Lenoir was not a POW perhaps he should walk in their shoes for a while before commenting further.

Foreman was a Captain in the USMC from 1961-1968; he resigned his commission after returning from Nam. He entered the Foreign Service and retired in 2001.

VDARE.COM comment: While we are sorry to learn about Captain Foreman's brothers, the point is that he presumably would not have placed the fate of the Republic in their hands—or in the hands of any other impaired veteran. And the fact is that Senator McCain has distinguished himself by his boorish and dogmatic dismissal of all immigration reform arguments.

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Saturday's Letters:  A Washington State Reader Recalls A Mexican Song About Home

From: Robin Corkery [e-mail him]

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Going Home

There is a song Mexicans always sing with great sentiment:

        Mexico lindo y querido
        Si muero lejos de ti
        Digan que estoy dormido
        y que me traigan aqui

       (Mexico beautiful and dear
       If I die far from you
       Say that I am sleeping
       And have them bring me here)

It is quite moving when you hear it put to music and reflects the powerful attachment that Mexicans feel for their true home. 

Unfortunately, their emotion is combined with extreme nationalism and xenophobia.  Combine those traits with the false belief that California and the Southwest are rightfully Mexican, and the invasion of our country by millions of Mexicans who are impoverished and poorly educated and you have a foolproof recipe for Balkanization.

Corkery is an alumnus of Notre Dame who served in the U.S. Marines. He became an officer of a New York Stock Exchange member firm that, according to him, "long ago became lost in the dismal swamp of political correctness." 

Corkery adds that: "he admired Mexicans while living in Mexico, but doesn't share George Bush's deranged obsession that Americans need to be displaced with Mexicans or any other foreigners."

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