A California Reader Says End Jobs, End Social Services, End Illegal Immigration
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05/27/06 - Saturday's Letters: A Southern Reader Says Dixie Took A Stand Against Senate Sell-Out; etc.

From:  Ellie Kampschmidt [e-mail her]

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Going Home

Regarding a paragraph from Guzzardi's column:

"But I believe that illegal aliens living in America can go home to fight for a better Mexico by summoning up the courage they draw upon when they cross the border, the cunning they deploy when they arrange for false documents, the guile they use when they learn how to milk our system and the tenacity they display when they march in the streets for 'justice.'"

It is also true that radical Mexican activists in the U.S. are encouraging uneducated/poor Mexicans to risk their lives to cross the border for their own "reconquista" vision.    

Los Angeles is already an extension of Mexico. I don't believe that Mexicans are coming for jobs when they can receive free social services without working.  

Some of the letters VDARE.COM receives confirms that many Mexicans are anxiously awaiting "reconquista."

Bring back workplace enforcement, end social services, eliminate anchor babies and illegal immigration would vanish. The majority of aliens would self-deport.

Kampschmidt, who describes herself as " an American raised in an era of deep patriotism," has been an immigration reform activist for over a decade.

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