Election Over—Invasion Continues
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Hats off to the people of Arizona who voted a resounding YES on Proposition 200, the grass-roots effort to de-privilege illegal immigration.

And a hearty belated congratulations to every real immigration reformer's favorite Congressman, Tom Tancredo (R-CO). And to two new freshmen representatives who just might give him some help in the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus - Steve King (R - 5th district of Iowa) and Tom Price (R - 6th district of Georgia).

But aside from these few bright spots, the illegal alien invasion continues.

And nobody knows better the reality of what is in store for America than the folks on the front lines in Cochise County, Arizona.

From the county that refused to give a majority vote in the Republican primary to their sitting Congressman Jim "Arizona Amnesty" Kolbe, these Americans are way ahead on the immigration learning curve.

And by approving Proposition 200, Arizona knows full well that giving benefits of any kind to illegal aliens, including amnesty, encourages (not discourages) illegal immigration.

They've realized that no matter how many amnesty give-aways Congress and the Bush Administration may come up with to "solve" illegal immigration, come nightfall there's always going to be one more group of illegal aliens heading north on the Vicente Fox Trail.

No matter how many green cards and employment authorizations the federal government issues, there will always be someone who didn't get one who decides to come in anyway.

Consider this photo essay of seventeen "willing workers" heading north through Cochise County, Arizona . . . and realize that until Congress and the Bush Administration get serious about stopping illegal immigration—and deporting illegal aliens and criminal alien residents—the nightly incursions through America's backyards will continue unabated.


Somewhere on the trail in Cochise County, Arizona — October, 2004.


Uninvited "guest workers" enter the U.S. surreptitiously and head north from the Mexican border.


Their final destination? Friend or foe? — No one knows.


Meet your new neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. America . . . thanks to night vision optics.

Photos provided by John W. Slagle

Juan Mann [send him email] is a lawyer and the proprietor of DeportAliens.com.

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