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01/08/10 - A Louisiana Reader Wonders Why Muslims Who Don't Believe In Christ Get A Christmas Stamp

A Former Volunteer For Peace In Africa Says Pregnant Mom Case Smells Like Fraud To Him; etc.

From: Jesse Levan (e-mail him)

Re: Brenda Walker's Blog: Congo Mom Morphs "Vacation" Into $1 Million Taxpayer Debit

As a former Volunteer For Peace in the Congo, I'm sorry to say that the story about pregnant mother/ "tourist" Jeanne d'Arc Kayembe screams fraud—a subject that African countries are familiar with, especially when it comes to getting visas to enter the United States. [Costly Case Raises Issues of Immigration, Welfare, by Eliza Barkley, Washington Post, January 5, 2010]

All of this do-gooder attitude, which I once subscribed to, that we should reach out to help refugees across the globe, stems from the erroneous thinking that we are the richest nation in the world.

In reality, we're a bankrupt nation with a large but nearly exhausted credit line.

Our federal government is bankrupt and so are most states.

The U.S. federal debt is $12 trillion, the equivalent to our annual Gross Domestic Product. Large cities like Los Angeles are also belly up. To top it all off, major hospitals are going broke.

This country cannot afford to give free medical care and anchor baby citizenship to every sob story scam artist who shows up at the door.

End birthright citizenship today and stop handing out visas to suspicious characters.

Levan lives in Maryland.

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A Massachusetts Native Recommends VDARE.COM To Anti-American Boston Globe Columnist Jeff Jacoby

From:  Bill Millette (e-mail him)

Re: Matthew Richer's Blog: "Conservative" Jeff Jacoby Smears Right On Immigration

I am a native Bostonian who moved away many years ago to relocate happily in Georgia.

One New England habit I cannot break is reading the Boston Globe online. I have often commented to its Editorial Board in defense of Jeff Jacoby, of whom I had been a fan for some time.

Jacoby and I occasionally corresponded. Then Jacoby wrote about what he perceived harsh separation issues when Fall River illegal immigrant leather factory workers were deported without mentioning that the family could have followed the aliens home.  [Illegal immigrants are here to stay, by Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe, March 14, 2007]

In an exchange with Jacoby about that column, I politely suggested that the pro-immigrant position he endorses could be harmful to American workers.

I put Jacoby onto conservative sites like VDARE.COM where he could learn more about illegal immigration's impact on working Americans.

With Jacoby's latest column that Richer wrote about, my tolerance for him is officially over. Since Jacoby betrays American citizens' children and grandchildren, I've given up on his column. [Where Conservatives Have It Wrong, by Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe, November 22, 2009]

Sadly, my son's personal experience proves how wrong Jacoby is. With a foreign-born population of almost 1 million in Georgia, my son had to go to find work in New Orleans.

Our Georgia black elected officials continue to vote in favor of illegal immigration issues even though their constituents are the hardest hit by the invasion.

I've checked all their report cards. I continue to wonder if they simply cannot fathom how they have sacrificed their own race or if Steve Sailer's studies of intelligence quotient provide the answer to their treasonous behavior.

Today, I told Jacoby (email him) he was Boston's version of Cynthia Tucker of Boston. (VDARE.COM note: Tucker is the notorious Open Borders fanatic and Atlanta Journal Constitution editor currently based in Washington, DC).

Millette served in the U.S. Navy and worked for IBM for 31-years. He writes that he "is anti-illegal immigration and opposed to the people who, like Teddy Kennedy and Jeff Jacoby, support them." His previous letters about Bruce Springsteen and why he donates to VDARE.COM are here and here.

Matthew Richer adds:

I remember when the Boston Globe suspended Jacoby in 2000 on bogus charges of plagiarism.  But it was rumored that the real reason for the suspension was that the Globe didn't like his recent commentary on the homosexual lifestyle. [Should Discrimination Against Homosexuals Be Illegal, by Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe, October 26, 1995] 

Many conservatives (myself included) defended him. We wrote, called, and emailed the Globe in his defense. As a result, Jacoby was ultimately reinstated. And now as our reward we have to put up with this? 

Amazing the stupid things that supporting Open Borders fanaticism will make you do.

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A Liberal New Jersey Democrat Says He Might As Well Vote Republican

From: J. Richard Bert (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Election Results Confirm VDARE.COM Analysis: Whites Still Key To U.S. Elections; Amnesty DOA

Barack Obama and the Democrats won the 2008 elections because the country was tired of George W. Bush and his Republican policies.

The problem is that the Democrats have proven they are no different than the Republicans.

They do not have the guts to stand up and represent the people that elected them. If I want Bush policies, I might as well vote Republican.

The Democrats need to change and change quickly.

The country want us out of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, reasonable health care (not Obamacare), protection from big corporate policies, a fair taxation plan and the end of big corporate lobbying.

Most of all, Americans want an immigration moratorium.

If we don't get all of those soon, in 2010 the Democrats will go down again, just as they did in the off-year gubernatorial elections in New Jersey and Virginia.

Bert is a retired executive from a Fortune 500 company. His previous letters about what he views as amnesty's remote chances during Barack Obama's first term, Governor Jon Corzine's moral turpitude and how the Republicans could have defeated Sonia Sotomayor are here, here and here. Earlier this month, Bert voted for Republican Chris Christie.

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