A North Carolina Reader Exposes A New MSM Low—The Same Immigration Sob Story Twice!
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From: John J. Pershing (e-mail him)

I know that your staff is sorting out various candidates for VDARE.COM's  Fifth Annual Worst Immigration Reporter of the year.

If he doesn't win, the Greensboro News-Record's Jason Hardin certainly deserves some kind of booby prize for writing the same tear-jerker twice (!) in only three months about "business man" (and illegal alien) Moises Campos Palencia.

While her husband is currently in a Georgia jail awaiting deportation, Rosa Campos, and the couple's daughter, Alexandra, "cry a lot." The exact mother-daughter photo appears prominently in both stories that you can read here:

The following is the message I sent to Hardin (e-mail him) and editor John Robinson (e-mail him) about the Greensboro News-Record's complete lack of professionalism:

"You mean to tell readers that during the three months following your first sob story (on Moises Campos Palencio) in the one million population circulation area of your metropolitan paper of record that is crawling with illegal aliens you couldn't find a single more recent 'heartbreaker' to publish today? That you had to recycle the same trash you wrote about in September? 

"The main underlying message of the two pieces amounts to yet  another nauseous, repetitious, and perfidious assertion on the part of the Main Stream Media that it is somehow incumbent on the citizenry and its institutions to make living here for 'shadow people' a comfortable and stress free experience."

I haven't received a reply from Hardin yet but here's Robinson's snooty response:

            "I'm sorry we disappointed you. Thank you for writing."

The idiotic local press immigration coverage leads me believe that MALDEF/La Raza/ El Pueblo et al, have taken on as a major high priority the defanging of 287(g) in North Carolina (especially Alamance County) while they await their turn to do even more damage as Obama administration insiders.

Pershing's previous letters about his substitute teacher experiences and the value of the VDARE.COM hyperlink format are here and here.

Joe Guzzardi comments: While Hardin's double-dipping feat is remarkable—unprecedented in my twenty years of analyzing bias immigration journalism—he can only aspire to one day winning VDARE.COM's Worst Immigration Reporter award.

We base our decision on a reporter's lifetime achievements—so to speak—and Hardin is just now coming onto our radar screen.

But Hardin shouldn't be disappointed. He has the makings of a future winner so long as he continues to write unbalanced immigration stories.

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