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03/26/10 - A Hostile Canadian Reader Says Let Ann Coulter Speak

A New Jersey Reader Says Dick Armey Has No Credentials To Reform America; etc.

From: Jim Rossi (e-mail him)

Re: Washington Watcher's Column: Saving The Tea Parties From Tom Tancredo—Or Dick Armey?

The Washington Watcher wrote about "self described leaders of the leaderless Tea Party Movement's attempt to target their own fringe"

When will conservatives ever learn?

Can you even remember the last time you saw liberals attempt to "target their own fringe" like the New Black Panthers, the North American Man Boy Love Association, ACT UP, the Earth and Animal Liberation or unrepentant former terrorists like William Ayers?

As for Armey's preposterous claim that he is leading middle Americans nothing could be further from the truth.

Armey is part of the cabal that betrayed the Contract with America that brought the Republicans to power and whose subsequent abuse of power is a prime cause for the immigration mess we have now.

I can think of no one who has less credibility to be a leader to reform Washington than Dick Armey.

Rossi's previous letters about Hillary Clinton's 2012 prospects, the GOP's numerous political problems besides immigration and the prospects of an abbreviated David Dinkins-like political career for Barack Obama are here, here and here.

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A CA Reader Says When It Comes To Immigration Reform, The GOP Is The Most Treasonous

From:  Mick Jones: (e-mail him)

So called conservative Republicans are the most treasonous when it comes to immigration policy.  

I have said for years that America's most pro-immigration lobby is the free enterprise Repulicans.

In the famous 1954 "Operation Wetback" the group most against the crackdown were conservative Republicans.

Now we have another self professed conservative Dick Armey, saying in reference to Mexico, that America doesn't build walls.

When will immigration reform patriots learn that they have been sold down the river by RINOs like Armey?

Of course, Armey's primary concern is money and not average Americans. He is suing Medicare to destroy it. Medicare is all that saves most Americans over 65 from suffering a life of hell and a chance at a decent life.

Jones has a Master's Degree in geography, a subject he says is completely ignored in modern America. His previous letter about the Huffington Post's vicious attacks against his pro-immigration enforcement stance is here.

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A Hispanic American Is Shocked To See Mexican Criminals Identified As White

From: Haydee Pavia (e-mail her)

Re: Simon Krejsa's Column: Hispanic Sex Offenders In Wisconsin Listed As White. Why?

I am an American citizen of Hispanic heritage.

The action of the politically correct Wisconsin bureaucrats angers me.

Being Hispanic is an ethnicity and not a race.  Since the politically correct folks have created what I call the Cult of Diversity, why is it that these brown criminals are identified as white?

Hispanics are white (Caucasians), brown (Amerindians) and black (Africans). They have in common Spanish surnames and the Spanish language.  Each Latin American country has its own local culture that has evolved from the Spaniards'.

If these criminals are white, then I am the Queen of England!

Pavia lives in California. Here previous letters are archived here.

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A California Educator (And Friend) Endorses Rosa Porter's Fight To Teach Immigrants English

From: Richard Munro (e-mail him)

Re: Athena Kerry's Column: Rosalie Pedalino Porter's American Story: Her Life In Three Languages, But Only One Country

I appreciate Athena Kerry's review of Rosalie Pedalino Porter's new book, American Immigrant: My Life in Three Languages, I know Porter and helped her during several of her Proposition 227 campaigns and also with some of the book's research. I am the Richard Munro (Ricardo Munro) she referenced in her book.

My admiration for Rosalie is great as well as is my personal respect for her work and affection for her as a wonderful, brave human being. She was a shaker and mover in education and led one of the great educational reform movements of the 20th century

Porter was very honest and did not try to tidy up her forays with liberalism and her lapsed Catholicism.

Kerry wrote that wrote that Porter was a: "liberal Democrat and adamant feminist, Porter worked away from her husband and son for about half of every week for several years, driving back and forth between Amherst and Newton, Mass."

Of course Porter has changed since her early years. She was a moderate liberal at one time but in the old patriotic American fashion

The 1960-1965 definition of "liberal" is different from today's. When one listens to John F. Kennedy in 1960, for example, he sounds much more like Ronald Reagan than Barrack Obama or Jimmy Carter.

Rosalie was very lucky to have a very supportive husband. Like many other Reagan Democrats, Rosalie returned to her traditionalist roots.  She is no Hillary Clinton. She loves to cook big traditionalist meals and is deeply involved in the lives of her grandchildren and family. 

She is not as conservative, probably, as I am (She lives in Massachusetts after all!) but I consider her a patriotic American and a traditionalist. 

And she is no phony or hypocrite. The Rosalie Porter of the book is the real Rosalie Porter.

After supporting Prop 227 English for the Children, my career faltered.

In most California academic circles, the measure was not popular. I went against every union leader and the entire University of California and Cal State teacher's establishment.

I survived but only just. Since 1998, I have never had an Advanced Placement class. Instead of advanced history and Spanish classes, I now teach mostly English for English Language Learners and Social Studies. I had to leave the school where I taught for many years.

But my conscience is clear. 

Kerry and Peter Brimelow are right that things will get worse until we have an immigration moratorium or pause on our uncontrolled Third World legal and illegal immigration. 

I do my best to assimilate and educate immigrant youth.  But traditionalist teachers like me are a distinct minority statewide.  For the most part we are leaving Americanization to either chance or to pop culture

Munro, who has a Master's Degree, has spent more than 20 years teaching immigrant students English, Spanish for Native Speakers, citizenship, and history.  

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