A New York Reader Says Not All Irish Supported John F. Kennedy
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From: Dan Hayes (e-mail him)

Re: Today's Letter: An African-American Reader Says Black Support For Barack Obama "Mirrors" Irish Enthusiasm For John R. Kennedy

While I normally agree with letter writer Braveheart, this time she's got it wrong.

According to Braveheart, the current Black support for Barack Obama mirrors Irish enthusiasm in the 1960 election for Kennedy.

But that's not necessarily so.

Here's one counter-example.

My father was born in Ireland in 1901, served in the Irish Republican Army, fought in the Irish Civil War to overthrow the English-puppet Quisling Collins, worked laying railroad tracks in this country, and respected and would have been glad to vote for Senator Robert A. Taft if he had been nominated for the presidency of this country.

Needless to say a man with that amount of integrity never would have and never did vote for any Kennedy. Nor did my father vote for any other liberal, especially those in the guise of Republicans.

I hold my father up as a role model for all Americans who want to rise above narrow parochial, racial, and religious self-interests.

Hayes writes that he "serves in the bureaucratic bowels of one the world's premier socialist entities, the city government of New York. When I entered city government, I was a Conservative. Then I became a Libertarian. And after seeing what goes on here over the years, I'm now an anarchist."

His previous letters about "conservative" talk radio host Larry Kudlow and the misguided Roman Catholic leadership are here and here.

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