A CA Reader Says GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Steve Poizner's Promise To End Illegal Immigration May Resonate With Voters
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From: Dorothy Parker (e-mail her)

Re: Brenda Walker's Blog: California Governor's Race Warming Up

What's interesting is that if you assume that Arnold Schwarzenegger won on the "Celebrity" rather than the GOP ticket, the last Republican to hold California high office is our hero Pete Wilson, back in an era when immigration was much less an issue (and a budget factor) than it is today.

Wilson has said that he is certain that Prop 187 would pass by a higher margin today than it did in 1994. I agree.

So Poizner's campaign promise to end illegal immigration, while it may be far-fetched, is not totally misguided and may resonate with voters.

From his perspective, it's certainly worth the gamble, with his rival Meg Whitman so far ahead in the polls.

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